Fortnite Twitch Rivals is going to be starting its final day of action in just a few short hours.

The eSports event will be kicking off at around 9pm in the UK, or 4pm EST if you live in the United States.

The first day of action was held on August 21 and included Streamers battling it out in Duos to win a slice of the $400,000 prize pool.

Over 150 streamers are taking part in the Fortnite Showdown event, which is being hosted on the official Twitch Rivals channel.

“Twitch Rivals: Fortnite Showdown is an online competition, featuring 160 invited streamers competing for a $400,000 prize pool,” a message from Twitch explains.

“Participants will compete in a 2-day tournament featuring gameplay around Duos & Squads in Creative and Custom matches.

“The /TwitchRivals channel is home to our anchored studio show and serves as a spotlight for participating Partner and Affiliate streamers as they face off in streamer vs streamer live competitions.

“You can also tune into the channels of anyone participating in an event to see their unique view of the action along with their community.”

As mentioned above, the $400,000 prize pool is broken out to winners and losers on a per-match basis.

Today’s Twitch event is just one of many new eSports Tournaments being held for Fortnite fans.

There is also the official Champions Series, with Champion-ranked Trios able to compete in each Weekly in Season X.

Every week counts, as the top players each week will advance to the Season Finals on September 20 – 22nd.

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Consistency across the five weeks of competition also matters as top performers on the overall Series leaderboard will be invited to fill out the remaining slots in the Season Finals.

The Season Finals will determine the Season X Champions in each region.

And Epic Games has confirmed that A total of $10,000,000 in prizes is up for grabs across each Weekly and the Season Finals.

“Reach Champion League in Arena mode to unlock this event,” Epic Games confirms.

“This tournament occurs across three rounds – Round One (Opens), Round Two (Semi-Finals) and Round Three (Finals). The top teams from Round Three in each region will advance to the Season Finals at the end of Season X.

“Teams will also accumulate Series Points based on each week’s final placements tracked on the Series Leaderboard. Every week counts, as top performers on the Series Leaderboard will be invited to fill out the remaining slots for the Season Finals.”

Fortnite Battle Royale is available to download and play for free on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile Phone devices.



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