Fortnite Season 8 DOWNTIME today: Update time and Treasure map reveal

Fortnite Season 8 downtime and server maintenance is scheduled to start later today.

This will affect all platforms, meaning that PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mobile gamers will be kicked out of live servers for a short period.

Downtime will begin at 9am in the UK, Epic Games has confirmed, although they have not revealed how long it will last.

The good news is that Epic Games will share patch notes soon after, providing answers on what is being added to Fortnite.

And we already have a few guesses on what will be revealed later today for Fortnite Battle Royale.

“X marks the spot! Downtime begins tomorrow, March 6th at 4 AM ET (0900 UTC),” a message from Epic Games reads.

“Coming soon! Embrace exploration and uncover Buried Treasure.”

This is a clue to what the development team will be adding later this week.

It appears that new Buried Treasure will be added to the map, although what it means for overall gameplay remains a mystery.

From what we saw in the trailer, it appears that these buried treasure locations will appear as beacons on the map.

However, it’s unclear if Fortnite players will need to do something, find a treasure map, for example, to set off the beacon.

Luckily, Epic Games will be sharing the latest on this tomorrow, during the Fortnite server downtime.

There will also be new information on the other changes and tweaks the development team have been working on.

We already know that new audio improvements will be released tomorrow, with some early patch notes released explaining the chance.

This will include:

  • Improvement to the standard AR sound so that it’s not overbearing on the shooter – Tightened up the sound, so it’s more of a BLaaam versus a BLAAAM.
  • Building Piece destroy sound is louder when instigated by enemies – Helps mitigate scenarios where “that guy Hand Cannon’d a wall behind me, and I didn’t hear it”.
  • Footstep audio blends in the above/below layers, rather than abruptly switching between them – Prevents jarring footstep transitions between floors directly above or below. Should clear up some confusion.
  • Footstep occlusion traces from the heads of enemies when they’re above or below – This helps mitigate scenarios where an enemy has line-of-sight on you, but their footsteps still sound muffled/occluded.
  • Reduce the volume of the S8 palm tree umbrella – This only affects the umbrella open/close layers. Don’t worry; the steel drum riff volume is preserved.

This will be the first Fortnite update released since Season 8 began, meaning there could be a long list of bugfixes shared by Epic Games.

This could also mean that downtime lasts a little longer than usual and that the download size could be bigger.


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