Fortnite is getting a Harley Quinn crossover

UPDATE: Love and War limited-time event detailed, but no sign of Harley Quinn.

UPDATE 6pm: Following the release of Fortnite’s 11.5 update earlier today, Epic has detailed its Valentine’s-Day-themed limited-time Love and War event, which is already underway.

Love and War’s focal point is the new “community made” limited-time mode Search and Destroy, described as a “classic Attack and Defend game… Fortnite-ified”. It runs until 17th February, and is designed for teams of six, with objectives changing depending on whether players are placed on the attacking or defending side.

Attackers can claim victory by destroying the bomb site, defenders by protecting it, and it’s possible to win simply by eliminating the opposing team. Each game can last up to 11 rounds, with victory being declared once a team has achieved six wins.

There’s an additional wrinkle in that Gold – used to purchase weapons, shields, and building material – can be earned by eliminating opponents, by planting and defusing objectives, or by winning a round. All earned items carry over between rounds – until teams switch sides, at least.

Fortnite’s Love and War event also introduces a selection of limited-time challenges which unlock special cosmetic rewards, including a new weapon wrap and gesture. Unsurprisingly, new event-themed outfits will also feature in the game’s premium store.

A few more detail and images can be found in Epic’s announcement post.

ORIGINAL STORY 10.55am: Fortnite’s next big brand crossover is, as expected, with new Harley Quinn film Birds of Prey.


Today’s update for the game, version 11.5, has added a purchasable Harley Quinn skin, along with her baseball bat and mallet as pickaxes (thanks, Lucas7yoshi). Expect those in the Item Shop from midnight UK time tonight.

Fortnite first dabbled with DC Comics back at the end of Chapter 1, when Batman and Catwoman cosmetics were added to the game and Fortnite’s island hosted a whole area rethemed into Gotham City. But there’s nothing so elaborate this time around.

Accompanying all of that will be an impending Valentine’s Day-themed event, named Love and War. This will add its own limited-time mode with an accompanying set of challenges and a smattering of free (non-Harley related) cosmetics.

Other changes in today’s patch include the welcome return of Launch Pads in non-competitive modes (which could be key in aiding the game’s current lack of mobility options) and the implementation of Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics engine.

On the latter point, Epic is hoping that – at present – you won’t notice the Chaos engine’s addition. For now, the developer is keen to ensure things still feel as they did beforehand. Presumably this is all a precursor to actual changes, due to arrive during Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 2, which begins later this month.


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