Fortnite Chapter 2: Where To Find The Letter “E” in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 has been in full swing for around two months, it just feels like yesterday when fans all across the world were staring at a black screen in hope that they would release the next season of Fortnite.

Much like any other season of Fortnite, this one comes packed full of challenges and weekly missions for players to unlock.

Missions were introduced during Season X and offer a simpler layout than the traditional challenge style they once had.

One of the hidden themes behind this season’s missions is to find the hidden letters in each week’s loading screen, we have found all the previous letters until the final one “E”.

We’ll take you through where to find the last letter in the word FORTNITE!

Where is the Letter E?

STAR T YOUR ENGINES: The final loading screen for this season’s set of missions

The prize hidden behind collecting all eight letters for the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 mission is the secret battle pass skin, that is not so secret anymore.

Each weekly mission set contains 11 unique challenges. Once you complete all 11 you can prestige the entire mission set to unlock more cosmetic items.

Doing this will grant you further cosmetic items and the missions itself will have a harder variant to them.

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The last loading screen for this season’s set of missions was revealed (see above), and it may be hard to spot the hidden letter at first.

Looking closely we can see the letter above the light pole in the near background just above the bridge of the dam.

HEAVENS ABOVE: The final letter is within your grasp!

Trying to find this letter is a lot easier then previous letters, if you are familiar to the new Fortnite map you will know where the landmark “Hydro Dam”.

To the right of Slurpy Swamp there will be a large bridge that players can cross over, making your way to one of the light poles you will find the letter!

Congrats! Now you have all the letters for the word “Fortnite”, enjoy that secret battle pass skin!

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