Former Nike executive files racial discrimination suit

Former Nike executive files racial discrimination suit

Ahman Inam, a former Nike executive who worked as a senior director in
data analytics, has filed a lawsuit against the company alleging that it
racially discriminated against him, The Portland Business Journal reports.
He is seeking 516,000 US dollars in economic damages and 350,000 US dollars
in non-economic damages and attorney fees.

Inam, who was born in India, claims he was denied a promotion in favor
of a white colleague with less experience. He also says white co-workers
with similar education and experience earned up to 75,000 US dollars more
than he did and that his supervisor would subject him to a “pattern of hostile and intimidating treatment, which differed markedly from the way she treated the white members of her team”.

Nike hit by third discrimination lawsuit

This is the third time Nike is hit with a lawsuit over its alleged toxic
work environment, however this is the first one to make claims about racial
discrimination. Last year, two former female employees claimed women were
“devalued and demeaned” at the company, passed over for promotions, paid
less than male counterparts and subjected to humiliating or embarrassing
remarks by male superiors.

The lawsuits came after an exposé by The New York Times in which a group
of female employees and former employees complained of gender-based
discrimination. Since then, a series of senior male executives have left
the company and Nike announced it would raise salaries for 10 percent of
its workforce to correct payment discrepancies.

Picture: Nike newsroom


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