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Football quiz: British club nicknames

Who are the other Red Devils? And where might you see the Rebels take on the Romans?

Manchester City are nicknamed the Citizens. Which other Premier League club once had this nickname?

Manchester United


Newcastle United

Norwich City

In which country would you find the Exiles, the Archers, the Martyrs and the Wingmakers?


Northern Ireland



Manchester United are known as the Red Devils. Which Football League club shares the nickname?

Rotherham United

Crawley Town

Salford City

Exeter City

What is the unusual nickname of Scottish league club Clyde?

The Bully Wee

The Blue Brazil

The Gable Endies

The Honest Men

Which body of water would be a few miles away if you were watching the Bannsiders play Stute in a league game?

English Channel

Irish Sea

Atlantic Ocean

North Sea

Which former Premier League club were once known as the Biscuit Men?


Derby County

Huddersfield Town


Sunderland AFC were formed in 1879, but when did they officially become the Black Cats?





In which division of the English football pyramid would you find the Beach Boys, the Beavers, the Rebels, the Romans and the Tudors?

League Two

National League

National League North

National League South

Which London club was nicknamed the Pensioners and even had a pensioner on their badge until the 1950s?

Charlton Athletic




The Throstles is a lesser-known nickname for which great West Midlands club?

West Brom


Aston Villa

Birmingham City

Plenty of clubs have animal-based nicknames, but none are quite as bizarre as Hartlepool United’s. What is it?

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Cow Catchers

Deer Hunters

Monkey Hangers

Lion Tamers

Finally, Bristol Rovers are known officially as the Pirates, but what is their rather more abstract unofficial moniker?

The Light

The Heat

The Gas

The Smoke

10 and above.

Back of the net!

5 and above.

A fair effort

0 and above.


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