FNCS 2024 LIVE — Fortnite Championship grand finals start TODAY as players battle it out to reach global competition

Where to play Fortnite

Despite the game being banned from app stores, the game can still be played on other consoles.

Fortnite is available online via the Epic Games website.

It is also available on Xbox Marketplace, PlayStation Store, and Nintendo Switch.

It is unclear when the game will come back to iPhones and Androids.

How to watch today’s action

You can watch today’s action on almost all of Fortnite’s social channels:

What is the Fortnite Championship Series?

The Fortnite Championship Series (FCNS) is a yearly Esports competition that sees the best players from across the globe compete for a huge cash prize.

Players can win part of a staggering $7.6 million prize pot.

Any can take part in the early rounds, but only the best reached today’s grand finals.

When does coverage start?

Coverage begins at 7pm CET tonight and the same time tomorrow.

It will last for around 3-5 hours.

There are a multitude of ways to watch the action, from Twitch to YouTube and Epic Games’ official website.

How many teams are taking part?

50 teams will compete in this weekend’s grand finals.

Each duo will play six matches tonight and another six tomorrow.

The top two teams will earn a spot in the Global Championship Series.

FNCS 2024 grand finals start TODAY

Today marks the start of the FNCS 2024 Fortnite grand finals, as the top players in the EU battle it out for a chance to compete on the global stage.

Over two days, the best Fortnite players in Europe will play a series of matches, with the top two players getting a spot in the Global Fortnite Championship Series.

Since the start of Chapter 5 season 1, the continent’s best duos have been competing for a staggering $7million prize.


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