Flights: How the day you fly could help you get the perfect amount of sleep on board

Sleeping on a flight is not easy for many when you’re cramped in a small space for hours on end.

However, YouTube channel Bright Side, shared their 10 travel hacks for getting a decent amount of sleep on a flight, ranging from picking the best time to fly to putting your gadgets away.

One of the best ways to get some sleep on a plane is to book a night flight, according to Bright Side.

“It’s great if you can pick a flight for the time you usually sleep at. Wake up two to three hours earlier on the day of your flight to help you fall asleep faster on board later on,” they said.

Next up, they suggest the best days to fly are on Tuesday and Wednesday for the chance of having fewer passengers on-board and therefore having more space to get comfortable.

“If you want fewer passengers and more space, pick the most unpopular days for booking flights: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as a rule. You might even get up to three seats to yourself!”

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“Just make sure the person behind you doesn’t mind,” they recommended.

Other top tips Bright Side mentioned to get a good night’s sleep include wearing warm and comfortable clothes, purchasing sleeping accessories, and even controlling the scents around you.

“You can control the scents in your immediate surroundings, just by sprinkling the head rest or your travel pillow with some lavender oil or any other essential oil you like,” they advised.

With light and noise being the main culprits that keep passengers from getting some shut eye, they also recommend putting away any gadgets which keep your mind racing and to avoid overeating on-board.

5. Clothes should be warm and comfortable

6. Fasten your seat belt over your clothes

7. Get yourself some sleeping accessories

8. Control the scents around you

9. Put your gadgets away

10. Food and drinks


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