Flights: Always do this one thing when booking holidays to help save you money

Flights are often a key part of organising a holiday – and it can be annoying if prices change while travellers deliberate over their choice. Some travel sites are able to track what you are looking at online and will increase the prices on the site accordingly. This means if you visit the site more than once you might find a higher price than before. A travel expert has revealed his travel advice to avoid being susceptible to shifting prices.

Louis Bridger, Head of International Currency Exchange (ICE) in the UK, told his top tip.

“Airline websites use cookies to collect information about your user history,” he said.

“If you’ve searched for a flight before, this information can be used to influence the price you’re given for a flight.”

To avoid this happening, holidaymakers should be savvy with the way they browse the internet.

“A smart way to browse freely and protect you against higher prices is to switch to ‘incognito mode,’” explained Bridger.

“This means travel and airline sites won’t be able to track your search history.”

Internet users can easily turn on a private web page by going to your settings and opening an ‘incognito’ window.

Travellers should also be careful when booking return flights to the UK with Ryanair due to the currency conversion rate. 

Flights are advertised in euros but then converted into pounds at the end of the booking journey.

Which? Travel, who investigated the “rip off,” have said this “switch is always at a terrible exchange rate.”

The consumer group looked at 10 flights from foreign airports back to the UK in their research.

All the flights saw passengers paying more due to the pound conversion rate compared to if they had paid in euros and let their bank or card provider do the currency exchange.

Bridger also recommends making the most of ‘secret hotels’ if you want to save money – provided you’re fine with taking a risk. 

“If you’re not concerned about where exactly you stay, using a website which offers ‘secret hotels’ could be a great alternative and can save you hundreds,” Bridger said.

“Hotels will often cut prices to fill their empty rooms, but many don’t want to advertise these discounts in case it devalues their offering.

“Websites such as Hotwire and will allow you to find hotels in your chosen location at your desired star rating – the only catch is that you won’t know where you’re staying until after you’ve paid.”


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