Fifty Shades: Why Jamie Dornan likely made ‘a fortune’ from movies with Dakota Johnson

Charlie Hunnam was originally set to play Christian Grey in the erotic trilogy, before he bowed out of the role due to an overloaded schedule. But in a new interview, he’s revealed that the money he would have made from taking the role alongside Dakota Johnson would have been “so much”. That job – and, presumably, that salary – ultimately went to Dornan.

Hunnam told CinemaBlend last year: “Well, I’d be a lot wealthier [if I kept the role]. I’d be a lot wealthier.

“I was gonna get paid a fortune. So much.”

Now, in a more recent interview with Newsweek, he has reflected on the whole situation – admitting he hasn’t seen any of those films.

“I don’t see myself in that role at all because it would have been totally different,” he said.

“I think what acting is, is trying to create a character and you put half of yourself into it, [a] bit more than half.

“So that’s Jamie Dornan’s character, you know? I haven’t seen them but I’m sure he did an excellent job.”

He elaborated: “I started to realise that my, my vision of who that guy was, was not everybody else’s vision.

“You can’t get into a film, let alone three films, totally at odds with the rest of the filmmaking community or the creative community involved in something because it’s just going to be [a] miserable experience.

“It was better for me just to extract myself from the process, but no regrets.”

Hunnam has since gone on to star in the likes of Triple Frontier, Papillon alongside Rami Malek and Crimson Peak.

Dornan, meanwhile, has recently appeared in Robin Hood and A Private War.

His co-star Johnson has starred in the likes of Suspiria and Bad Times At The El Royale.


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