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Fifa rakes in more from video games – Chronicle

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FIFA has reported more revenue from video games than from real football during the year 2020, marked by the temporary stoppage of all kinds of shows and public activities as a result of Covid-19.

The latest financial report of the association, whose licence to use video games belongs to Electronic Arts, has reflected a reality shared by practically all sports federations: negative results.

However, when each department is studied point by point, they stand out the videogames with another reality shared by many companies in the sector: exponential growth.

Of the $266 million in revenue reported by Fifa, $158,9 million came from licensed products; especially the video game.

According to the report, advanced by Inside The Games, the adaptation of football as a live sport underwent an adaptation that affected not only the holding of sporting events, which includes national and international competitions, but also television impacts.

No show, no broadcasts either in the media or advertising impressions.

“Unlike many of the economic sectors that were drastically affected by Covid-19, the video game industry proved to be much more resistant to the pandemic”.

“In addition to the Fifa eClub World Cup, the Fifa eChallenger Series and the Fifa eNations StayAndPlay friendlies, Fifa also successfully launched the Fifa eContinental Cup”, key elements in the growth of Fifa video games in the competitive esports aspect (esports).

Nonetheless, Fifa has not been saved from an exercise in losses, which they estimate around $778 million; while net reserves fell from $2,59 billion to $1,88 billion.

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All these data are in line with the financial report of Electronic Arts itself, which last February made a positive balance of practically all its intellectual properties. Regarding Fifa, with Fifa 20 and Fifa 21 as the main products, the saga has reached 325 million copies sold throughout its history, but the remarkable thing is that Fifa 21 has had more active players on sale in its first quarter than Fifa 20 in that same period.

Currently, the Fifa licence in video games explores other ways of monetization, apart from the famous Fifa Ultimate Team; specifically, six soccer-focused “experiences” for mobile devices. — Football 24 News


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