Female MPs read out vile tweets calling them ‘Medusa’s fugly sister’ and ‘heartless s**t sack’

AMBER Rudd has led a group of female Tories in reading out vile tweets about her – calling her “scum”, a “b*****d”, and a “heartless s**t sack”.

The Tory Work and Pensions boss and a string of other MPs made a video calling out Twitter trolls who insult them online.

 Amber Rudd and other top Tories called out Twitter trolls today


Amber Rudd and other top Tories called out Twitter trolls today

To mark International Womens’ Day tomorrow, the MPs said what they’d actually been up to in their jobs recently.

One said to Amber Rudd: “You’re less attractive than Medusa’s fugly sister.”

In a separate video for Joe.co.uk the messages were even more vile to Ms Rudd, calling her a “disgusting human being” and a “heartless s**t sack”.

And Home Office Minister Caroline Nokes read out a message that said: “Caroline Nokes is a self centred, arrogant bitch.”

Mp Kirstene Haire said she’d got a message on social media which said: “Fits into the blonde stereotype”

“How can she even talk about saving the hospital when she’s Tory scum?”

They hit back with the argument that they had secured more funding for eating disorders, had been making vital changes to Universal Credit, had introduced gender pay gap laws, and fought to save hospitals and jobs in their local areas.

 Home Office Minister Caroline Nokes was called a 'arrogant b***h'


Home Office Minister Caroline Nokes was called a ‘arrogant b***h’
 Caroline Dinage was labelled a 'worthless c**t'


Caroline Dinage was labelled a ‘worthless c**t’

Amber Rudd makes fun of trolls to make International Womens’ Day

Here’s just some of the abuse Amber Rudd gets online:

  • “Amber Rudd you are a totally heartless s***sack
  • “Amber Dudd is a b*****rd”
  • “F**k you, you traitor”
  • “Amber Rudd you are the most useless, thoughless, hopeless woman. I can’t believe she has put you back in the Cabinet. It’s only because you look good”
  • “Amber Rudd is a b****rd who treats people like they are thick”
  • “Do you have a swinging brick in place of a heart?”
  • “You are a disgusting human being”
  • “I hope she dies”
 Another sent a message to Kirstene Hair


Another sent a message to Kirstene Hair
 Victoria Prentis was called 'Tory scum'


Victoria Prentis was called ‘Tory scum’

Ms Rudd, who came back into Theresa May’s Cabinet at the end of last year said: “We need to improve the gender balance in Parliament.

“We need to get more women coming in, but unfortunately women are put off by the abuse they receive on social media.
“We need to call it out, to stop it, so what we can encourage more women to have the courage to come forward and get involved in politics.”

Ms Dinage added: “We need to tell those who hide behind online profiles & discourage women everywhere from reaching for their goals that they are not faceless. ? It is not okay & we will not be stopped. ?”.

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