Familiar Face: Which Floribama Cast Members Knew Mattie Before Her Shore Debut?

Maddie’s MTV Floribama Shore future may be in doubt: Even though everyone wanted her to stay in the house, this week’s installment concluded with the Southerner contemplating if she should or shouldn’t after a drunken meltdown about Tito’s (of all things).

But before the roommates got to know Mattie, were any of them acquainted with her before she made her debut at Pride? Besides Gus, of course, because of their War of the Worlds connection.

“I’m a huge Challenge fan, so I had watched the season she was on,” Nilsa revealed to MTV News. “I thought she was a bad ass. She is a strong woman. Us girls in the house could use another one to set the boys in their place.”

Codi also recognized Mattie — but like Nilsa, they had never interacted prior to being together in St. Pete.

“Obviously, I’ve seen her from Party Down South, so I was kind of fanboying,” he dished. “I was excited to meet her and get to know her. I love Mattie.”

And Aimee shares a mutual friend with Mattie (Daddy from Party Down South), so our Princess Goddess Mermaid knew a lot about her.

“Gus and I are the only two who really knew Mattie going into this experience,” Aimee said.

Do you think Mattie is a good fit with the crew? Give your take, then keep watching MTV Floribama Shore every Thursday at 8/7c.


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