Exotic frog travels 5,000 miles from Colombia to Wales in supermarket bananas

The frog survived the long journey (Picture: PA)

A little frog has made an unintentional journey travelling further than most humans have over recent months – more than 5,000 miles.

The exoitic tree frog was found in a bunch of bananas by supermarket staff in south Wales.

It’s believed the little fella – who is thought to be a Banana Tree Frog – survived the journey from Colombia to the UK by slowing down its metabolism.

After making the discovery, staff at the Asda on Murray Street in Llanelli contacted animal welfare charities and the RSPCA.

Staff at Asda found the creature in the bananas (Picture: PA)

But it seems the creature has been given a much-less exotic name, in honour of his rescuers. 

The newly-named ‘Asda’ is now in safe hands at the specialist animal centre Silent World To You in Haverfordwest, Wales. The team has even put in a special order of crickets to ensure the tree frog is well-fed.

RSPCA inspector Gemma Cooper praised the staff behind his rescue and said she was ‘grateful’ to Asda employees for reaching out to the charity.

She said: ‘One team member spotted the frog, while another confined the frog and took him home. This quick thinking helped keep this frog safe.’

Gemma also explained how the frog survived the the journey without any food.

She said: ‘Frogs and other amphibians are so good at shutting down their bodies when they need to.

‘It seems highly likely that’s exactly what this frog did to survive this long journey without food.’

Asda the frog has made himself comfortable in a banana skin (Picture: PA)

Ginny Spenceley, an employee at the animal centre, says the amphibian is doing very well in his new setting and has made himself at home inside an banana skin.

She said: ‘Asda the frog is very small – with a body about the size of my thumb, but longer back legs. Of course, we don’t know if it is a baby or an adult.’

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