Exclusive: Married to the Game's Cat Harding opens up about blended family with daughter Ada

Married to the Game star Cat Harding bravely opened her doors into her life with her football-star fiancé, Jorginho Luiz Frello Filho, when the series aired on Friday. 

Ahead of the show’s launch, Cat sat down exclusively with HELLO! and opened up about her life at home.  

One thing that couldn’t be more clear in the show is how exceptionally close the family’s bond is. Not only that, one of the biggest revelations the former Voice contestant made was how her eight-year-old daughter Ada – whom she shares with actor Jude Law – has managed to adjust to life within a blended family.

Talking about how Ada and Jorginho developed such a strong bond, Cat revealed: “I think patience is one of the keywords because things don’t happen overnight it wasn’t a couple of weeks, and then all of a sudden she’s like: ‘I love Jay’.

“It doesn’t work like that. It’s like a long process of them getting to know someone and, you know, trusting, starting to trust that person. But when it’s when it’s good, it’s amazing. Their relationship now is just absolutely incredible but it took time and he was super patient with her to build that trust, to take that time to get to know her, because she’s quite reserved in that way as well.

A photo of Cat Harding with her daughter Ada
Cat and Ada have such a special bond

“She’s quiet with her emotions and everything like that. So she likes to look at stuff. Sometimes I think, ‘Oh my God, she’s more like Jay than she is me’, even though she’s obviously not biologically his I’m like, ‘Why is she so like you?’

“He was just super respectful for that and I think that’s one of the key things. Time and patience and building trust and then things will all come together. You can’t do it overnight.”

Cat even revealed the sweet reaction Ada had to the news Jorginho finally popped the question in December 2023. “My daughter cried. She was so happy,” Cat confessed. 

Ada said: “You gave me my Christmas present,” when she heard the news. Cat added: “That was what she wanted for Christmas because she really wanted us to get married and she kept asking him:  ‘When are you going to ask Mummy to marry you?’ So he had her on his case.  He wanted to get her involved, but he was scared that she would give it away, so he didn’t.”

One surprising thing was when Cat revealed she initially wasn’t sure whether to have Ada, and her little brother Jax on the show. 

“We were not sure, especially with Ada. But then at the same time it didn’t feel authentic.  If we’re showing what our life is at home, it’s not true  if we don’t have our kids there because that is what our life is at home.”

During the show, Cat and Jorghino’s shared love of music comes across beautifully and is something they also share with Ada, who Cat confessed loves all things performing. Cat elaborated that her connection to music is integral to her relationship with her fiancé.

“We love nothing more when we have our friends over than to play guitar and piano and sing together. When his friend comes from Brazil, who is a musician we literally will stay up until six o’clock in the morning, just singing and stuff.I definitely think it’s something that really brought us together.”

Married To The Game is available exclusively on Prime Video on 23rd February


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