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Every Borderlands Video Game Characters Confirmed For The Movie – Screen Rant


  • The Borderlands film introduces a new story with lead character Lilith, focusing on her search for a mogul’s missing teenager.
  • Characters from the game series like Lilith, Roland, Claptrap, Mad Moxxi, Tiny Tina, and more will appear in the film.
  • Popular in-game characters like Scooter, Dr. Patricia Tannis, Krieg, and Krom will also be featured in the Borderlands movie.



Borderlands is finally set to hit theaters in August, bringing the colorful and chaotic characters from the videogame series to the big screen. However, the synopsis for the film hints that the movie will tweak specific elements of the original game to fit a modified story. Instead of introducing four different Vault Hunters on a quest to find a mysterious key on the dangerous alien world of Pandora, the film will instead focus heavily on the enigmatic Lilith and her mission to locate the missing daughter of a powerful mogul.

Many of the characters who appeared across the course of the entire Borderlands series are set to appear in the film, which has been given an August 9 release date. This includes characters who’ve been a part of the franchise since the beginning, as well as characters who only debuted later in later titles. This allowed the filmmakers to pick and choose from the expansive cast of available characters, all while bringing the world of Pandora to life in vivid (and likely vicious) detail. Here are all the characters from the Borderlands series that have so far been confirmed to have a role in the upcoming Borderlands movie.


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12 Lilith Is Played By Cate Blanchett

She Appeared In Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, And Borderlands 3.

Cate Blanchett as Lillith in Borderlands

Lilith is one of the playable characters in the first Borderlands and has become one of the franchise’s most consistent characters. Lilith is a Siren, one of six women born across the universe with powerful psionic abilities. Just because she has these amazing powers doesn’t make her any less dangerous with a gun, however, as the game incarnation of Lilith is still a committed Vault Hunter. Although the official synopsis for Borderlands suggests she’ll be on the search for someone in the film, Lilith seems to retain her classic game appearance and capabilities.

Lilith is set to be the lead character of the Borderlands film, which makes sense given her uniqueness within the universe. Although subsequent entries in the series introduced other Sirens like Maya and Amara, Lilith retained an important supporting role in both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3. Given that she’s being played by an actor of Cate Blanchett’s pedigree, the character will likely be positioned to play a central role in any other potential entries in the series.

11 Roland Is Played By Kevin Hart

He Appeared In Borderlands, Borderlands 2, And Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Roland from Borderlands holding a rifle

Roland is one of the playable characters of the first Borderlands. A former soldier for the Crimson Lance army, the games’ version of Roland became a Vault Hunter after he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Roland is one of the closest things the original Borderlands had to a central hero, with the character even becoming a rebel leader in Borderlands 2. His journey to heroism will likely be a central element of the film, as the synopsis describes the character as seeking redemption.

There’s also a romance subplot between him and Lilith introduced in Borderlands 2, which might be recreated for the feature film. In the games, Roland is a skilled soldier, using his vast experience with firearms to adapt to the ever-changing threats of Pandora. With the typically comedic Hart in the role, Roland could be positioned as one of the film’s lead characters, potentially with a more humorous edge than his game counterpart. Conversely, Roland could remain more serious and could prove to be a very different role for Hart than he usually takes on.


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10 Claptrap Is Played By Jack Black

He Has Appeared In Every Borderlands Game

Claptrap is the most consistent element across the Borderlands franchise. He’s even become something of a mascot for the series. The Claptrap robots have served as guides for the series, introducing players to the world of Pandora and all the dangers therein. Claptrap has also gotten involved in the plot at times, such as when he declared the player characters his “minions” in Borderlands 2 or how he can take part in the massive battle at the climax of Tales of the Borderlands.

The character is often deployed as one of Borderland’s most comedic figures, a goofball with an eagerness to embrace the dangerous qualities of Pandora. It’s a perfect role for Jack Black, especially as the robotic figure will likely only require a vocal performance from the legendary comedic actor. This could allow Black to play the character for any number of future stories set in the Borderlands universe. Coupled with his role as Bowser in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Black seems to be cementing his place as a major player in video game adaptations.

9 Dr. Patricia Tannis Is Played By Jamie Lee Curtis

She Has Appeared in Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, And Borderlands 3.

Jamie Lee Curtis Borderlands Tannis

Dr. Patricia Tannis is a relatively minor figure in the original Borderlands, appearing late in the first game. However, she became a committed ally to Vault Hunters like Lilith and Roland. This set her up for more important roles in subsequent games, explaining why she’s being introduced in the first Borderlands film. A brilliant archeologist who had been sent to check out alien ruins on Pandora, Tannis’ exposure to the chaos and Pandora resulted in her perspective becoming increasingly warped.

Tannis is an interesting character within the Borderlands universe and one of the most overtly comedic figures in the story. Nevertheless, her expertise and knowledge make her invaluable to the heroes. This is likely why she’s factoring into the film, with Jamie Lee Curtis set to bring Tannis to the big screen. Like Lilith and Roland, Tannis’ importance to the overall story of Borderlands justifies her more prominent place in the film. This also could result in the character being portrayed with a more sympathetic touch than her more put-upon video game equivalent.

8 Tiny Tina Is Played By Ariana Greenblatt

She Appears Un Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Borderlands 3, And Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.greenblatt_tinytina_web

Tiny Tina is a demolitions expert introduced in Borderlands 2. Despite her precocious attitude and youth, Tina proved to be a very useful ally to the Vault Hunters as they fought their way across Pandora. Tina was something of a breakout character for the Borderlands series, with her obsession over the in-universe role-playing game Bunkers & Badasses serving as the framing device for the Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands spin-off.

Tina has some of the biggest potential of any Borderlands character to break out as a star in her own right, given her comedic edges and emotional elements. Although Tina is a magnet for weirdness in the games, later plot turns and twists highlight that she’s still a child trying to survive in a chaotic world. These elements could make her one of the most emotionally resonant characters in the Borderlands film, giving Ariana Greenblatt plenty to work with playing Tina.


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7 Krieg Is Played By Florian Munteanu

He Appears In Borderlands 2 And Borderlands 3.

Krieg in Borderlands 2

Krieg was introduced as a DLC character for Borderlands 2. A former Vault Hunter who was captured by the evil corporation Hyperion, the character was transformed into a physically capable but incomprehensible brawler. Krieg is a relatively minor character in the overarching Borderlands story, but it’ll be interesting to see how the film approaches him. The character remains stable within his mind, with an eloquent inner voice that translates to gibberish whenever he speaks.

Krieg is a potentially problematic character that seems to be taking on a more proactive role within the film. The synopsis for Borderlands suggests Krieg will be recast as Tiny Tina’s primary defender, hinting that the loyalty he developed for Borderlands 2’s Maya may be transferred to the adolescent girl instead. This could also remove some of the more problematic elements of the character’s mental state and refocus on him being more of a taciturn character than a chaotic one.

6 Mad Moxxi Is Played By Gina Gershon

She Has Appeared in Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Borderlands 3, And Tales from the Borderlands.

Mad Moxxi is one of Pandora’s most memorable shopkeepers. Mad Moxxi is one of the main members of the Hodunk Clan, a large family that has many members who appear in the Borderlands games. Moxxi is often portrayed as the bartender at many of the bars she owns across Pandora. Moxxi has proven to be more than capable of holding her own in a dangerous world. This could lead to Moxxi having a more prominent role in the film than in the games.

Moxxi’s external cool and confident vibes betray the surprisingly sweet woman behind them. Moxxi is often one of the more heroic allies to be found in the Borderlands universe, working alongside the Vault Hunters and providing them support even while maintaining a more mercenary veneer. Likely, she’ll play a similar role in the cinematic adaption of the games. Given that Gina Gershon is playing the character, it wouldn’t be necessarily surprising to see the character sing a song.

5 Scooter Is Played By Steven Boyer

He Has Appeared in Borderlands, Borderlands 2, And Tales From The Borderlands.

Scooter in Borderlands 2

Scooter is one of the more likable supporting characters in Borderlands. The gifted mechanic with a goofy sense of charm, Scooter proves to be a crucial ally to the Vault Hunters in the game by providing vehicles for the player characters. Scooter is also a member of the Hodunk Clan. It’s eventually revealed that Scooter is one of Moxxi’s two children, setting up a connection that could appear more promiently in the film.

Scooter has a consistent role across the early Borderlands games thanks to his Catch-A-Ride stations, making him a likely figure to factor into the plot as an ally. However, Scooter doesn’t survive the events of Tales From The Borderlands,which could spell trouble for the character if the film decides to adapt that aspect of the character’s history. The films could even take time to address his relationship with Moxxi, which was only really focused upon after his demise.

4 Ellie Is Played By Ryann Redmond

She Appears In Borderlands 2 And Borderlands 3.

Ellie in Borderlands 3

Ellie is the daughter of Mad Moxxi and Scooter’s sister. A fellow mechanic like her brother, Ellie developed a rough relationship with her mother and eventually relocated to a dangerous region of Pandora known as The Dust. Ellie’s role in the Borderlands games is similar to Scooter, providing the player characters with vehicles. This could be her central role in the film as well, even potentially working alongside Scooter.

Notably, she outlives Scooter in the games and ends up taking on his responsibilities for the Catch-A-Ride vendors across the planet. Ellie’s presence in the Borderlands movie implies that Moxxi’s family as a whole will all be in the same story, potentially bringing them together on-screen in a way that the family never appeared in the games.


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3 Marcus Is Played By Benjamin Byron Davis

He Appears In Borderlands, Borderlands 2, And Borderlands 3.

Marcus in the first Borderlands videogame

Marcus Kincaid is one of the first characters introduced in Borderlands, serving as the narrator for the audience and the bus driver who brings the Vault Hunters to their first location in Borderlands. Marcus becomes a consistent presence in the game universe after he opens his own series of weapon and ammo vendors around Pandora. He even ends up assigning the players certain missions, always with the end goal of positioning himself as the most ruthless (and successful) businessman on Pandora.

Notably, Marcus proves to be unscrupulous in his salesmanship, willingly dealing arms to the various gangs and groups around Pandora. This could make him one of the film’s biggest wildcards. Marcus’ role as an early guide to the world of Pandora could also translate to the big screen, with the character potentially introducing the film’s central characters (and the audience) to the state of affairs on the planet.

2 Hammerlock Is Played By Charles Babalola

He Appears in Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, And Borderlands 3.

A half-man-half-machine sits in a room surrounded by books

Hammerlock is a big game hunter and avid explorer in the world of Pandora, whose passion for adventure hasn’t been impacted by the physical injuries he’s suffered while exploring the world. Hammerlock was introduced in Borderlands 2 and quickly became an ally of the player characters. Hammerlock’s missions push the player around the world of Pandora, making him a potentially important figure for introducing further exploration of the setting. His comedic antagonism with Claptrap could also leap to the big screen, giving Jack Black’s Claptrap someone to bounce off of.

Hammerlock is a relatively minor player in the overarching Borderlands universe, but his popularity resulted in the character taking on more central roles in DLC missions released for Borderlands 2. He may have a more important part to play in the films if they draw from more of the later games in the series, however. Hammerlock has a ruthless sister named Aurelia Hammerlock, who was one of the villainous playable characters in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel before becoming one of the antagonists of Borderlands 3. Hammerlock. This could set up Hammerlock to be a more crucial character in the film adaptation.

1 Krom Is Played By Olivier Richters

He Appears in Borderlands.

Krom from Borderlands

In the world of Borderlands, Krom was a prison warden working for the Dahl corporation until he ended up under the command of Baron Flynt. Krom was one of the early bosses encountered by the players in Borderlands, and was dealt with fairly quickly. Krom may have received a more important role in the film, potentially filling in as one of the more important enemies of the film.

Krom could be an ideal way of introducing both the bandit culture that dominates much of the lawless Pandora as well as the idea that the major corporations that appear in the film aren’t exactly the most stable organizations to belong to. Krom could be reimagined as one of the more prominent bandits in the film, taking over the dangerous role that characters like Baron Flynt played in the games. This could give Borderlands a different set of minor villains for the heroes to encounter.

Borderlands opens in theaters on August 9.

Borderlands 2024 Movie Poster


Eli Roth

Release Date
August 9, 2024

Arad Productions , Picturestart

Eli Roth , Joe Crombie


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