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Hopping back into Wii modding after years of hiatus so some of this is new to me.

The issue tl;dr: Gamecube games do not load at all in WiiFlow from the HDD.
CheckForMultiGameAndRegion() failed: 1

What works:
Loading Gamecube games from the SD card, loading Wii games on SD card and HDD, and viewing all titles in WiiFlow
What doesn’t work:
Loading Gamecube ISOs from the HDD

I am attempting to load an ISO file in usb1:\game directory\game[NTSC][gameid]
From what I’ve gathered, the filename is important and must include the game ID which I have verified is correct. This doesn’t seem to matter when loading from the SD card because anything goes.

I have noticed that most people, err, nearly everybody uses USB Loader GX. I used to use that years ago, but could never get Gamecube games working through it correctly. This time around, I cannot get it to do ANYTHING correctly, it refuses to acknowledge any of my drives or games period, which is why I’m dead-set on using WiiFlow instead where at least most things work. I do not know if Nintendont or WiiFlow is to blame for this issue.


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