End of the world: Preacher predicts identity of the Antichrist – 'So many clues in Bible'

In his latest appearance, the preacher read out scripture related to the Antichrist.

He said: “I want to be really plain and upfront with you right now, we’re not going to give you a name of who the Antichrist is.

“But the Bible is going to give you so many clues of what to look for, that you won’t need me to reveal him to you.”

Pastor Begley believes the Antichrist will rise as a formidable political leader, who will use his influence to shape the world to his liking.

The preacher read from Daniel 8, which speaks of a beast kingdom that rises in the last days.

Daniel describes four kingdoms, one of which is like a lion, one is like a bear and one is like a leopard. The last kingdom is that of the beast.

Some biblical experts have proposed these kingdoms are analogies of ancient Greece, Persia and Babylon.


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