Emre Can defends Cristiano Ronaldo's celebration against Atletico Madrid

Emre Can has backed Cristiano Ronaldo after the Juventus star landed himself in hot water with UEFA over his celebration against Atletico Madrid.

Can joined Juventus last summer weeks before Ronaldo did likewise when he completed his big-money move from Real Madrid .

And the pair have teamed up to lead the Serie A champions to the top of the league and the Champions League quarter-finals.

Now Can has given an insight into the man behind the player.

“Of Ronaldo I can say that he is a very quiet type, with his feet firmly on the ground,” he told German newspaper Bild . He doesn’t show off his star-like appearance and impresses me a lot, he is the first to say hello, thank you for everything.

Emre Can celebrates with Cristiano Ronaldo

“He does not behave so only with us teammates, but also with all the masseurs, coaches, etc. People would be surprised to see how normal he is.”

Ronaldo faces a fine from UEFA for his gesture during Juve’s win over Atletico Madrid last week.

The Portuguese scored a hat-trick to oveturn a 2-0 first-leg defeat – and Can praised his teammate.

Ronaldo’s celebration landed him in trouble

He added: “I don’t want to evaluate [Ronaldo’s] gesture, but after that of Simeone in the first leg, it must be said that someone like Ronaldo, given the performance, is allowed to respond and celebrate as he wishes.

“Everyone in the stadium knew to whom the exultation was addressed. I have a great time with him, I was delighted with his hat-trick because the first leg wasn’t easy for him.

“He had to swallow several bitter mouthfuls and wanted to answer, but the way he did it, with that hat-trick, is incredible.”

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