Emmerdale episode of romance as 'sparks set to fly' between Leyla and Liam

Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that sparks are set to fly between Leyla and Liam.

The show has revealed that next week, the duo’s attraction to one another will grow.

At the salon, Liam is in panic mode when Mandy and Kerry fail to show up for work.

They’re supposed to be hosting a children’s spa party, with Liam pleading Leyla to lend a hand.

'Sparks set to fly' between Leyla and Liam
‘Sparks set to fly’ between Leyla and Liam

Smitten with Liam after their time in the panto together, Leyla agrees to help out.

Layla’s feelings for Liam will begin to flourish as she watches him get fully involved with the manicures and hair braiding.

Liam’s a hit with the children at the event, and Leyla can feel herself falling for him more when she sees how good he is with the little ones.

After party success, Leyla is charmed by the way Liam got fully involved and was popular with the kids.

They began flirting with each other at panto rehearsals
They began flirting with each other at panto rehearsals

She will be unable to fight her feelings anymore.

As the tension builds between the duo, will they give in to temptation and give in to a romantic kiss?

How will Liam feel after having so recently said farewell to his fiancée Bernice?

In other spoilers, beloved Emmerdale character, Victoria, will give birth.

Vic will give birth over New Year
Vic will give birth over New Year

Vic planned to party and celebrate New years, but her plans were cut short when her waters break during the New Years Eve festivities.

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With the baby coming, Victoria and Diane rush to the hospital with Diane reassuring Vic that nothing bad will happen.

After a tiring night of labour, Victoria gives birth to a healthy baby boy.


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