Election 2019 LIVE: Nigel Farage warned he risks SABOTAGING Brexit with election plan

The stark reality is the Brexit Party needs to win over just one in every 16 Tory voters in order for a hung Parliament to be delivered, according to an expert. Mr Farage reiterated his desire to enter into a pact with the prime minister ahead of the ballot, saying the “clock is ticking” with less than five weeks left until Britons cast their vote. Professor Matthew Goodwin of Kent University, who analysed data, told the Sun: “The Conservatives need as many Brexit Party supporters as possible.

“If they get them, they will likely win a comfortable and possibly large majority.

“But if Farage has a good campaign, and Conservatives flow to the Brexit Party, the chance of Boris getting his majority are sharply reduced.”

Polls predict the Tories will win 357 seats on December 12, giving Boris Johnson a comfortable majority to get his deal through Parliament and deliver Brexit within weeks.

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith warned Conservative voters they would be making a “historic, even catastrophic mistake” if they decided to back  Mr Farage next month.

Elsewhere, Steve Baker, the chairman of the European Research Group of Tory Brexiteers, urged voters to “seize the opportunity to get Brexit done”, warning: “It’s now with Boris or it’s never.”

Writing in the Sunday Express, he said: “Only the Conservative Party can deliver Brexit in this election. A vote for any other party is effectively a vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

“That is because the Brexit Party cannot win a majority. It might not even be able to win a seat. But it is capable of splitting the Leave vote so that Jeremy Corbyn gets into power.”

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