Eight ways to save money at Nando’s including getting £40 worth of food for £35

WHETHER you order is hot or mild, everyone loves a Nando’s – and we’ve rounded up six ways to get a discount.

Our tips include discounts for students and NHS workers as well as how to hack the menu to get the best value for money.

 You could save £5 with Costco's deal


You could save £5 with Costco’s deal

Nando’s already offers deals to its customers thanks to its platters.

We’ve rounded up the other ways that you can save cash on your bill.

1. The loyalty card

There’s no such thing as a free lunch? Think again.

Nando’s loyalty card offers exclusive deals to its customers on a regular basis.

To qualify, card holders must spend £7 or more each time they order, and then receive a chilli point. After three stamps you get a free quarter chicken, six you get a free half a chicken, single wrap, burger or pitta and nine qualifies for a free whole chicken or single combo meal.

If you register your card you also get a free chilli point to kick you off.

The chillis only last one year and can’t be carried over, so make sure you use them.

2. Halloumi hack

Chicken fans were delighted after Nando’s revealed you can now halloumi sticks as a starter.

But it’s actually cheaper to get it as an add to your main meal.

You get five sticks of halloumi cheese (roughly two slices) and jam for £3.95 as a starter.

While as an add, it’s £1.50 for each slice and 60p for chilli jam, saving you a total of 35p.

3. Getting creative

For those who like customising their own foods, there are a few hacks that you can do to help save the pennies.

If you want a double chicken pitta and want to save 70p, order a butterfly chicken breast for £8.25 and then a buttered pitta for just £1.

It won’t come with any salad, so is perfect for those who just want to have more chicken. Normally, a double pitta breast, with no sides, costs £9.95 instead.

Alternatively, want to have a cheap lunch but you can’t afford a full meal? Then have avocado on toast.

Order a side of garlic bread at £2.60 and then half an avocado for £1.50 – meaning your lunch could be a steal at just £4.10.

And for those who love Perinaise but want to save 60p on their bill, just mix your own.

Bottles of peri peri sauce and mayonnaise are available for customers to use in the restaurants, so just create your own.

4. Skipping the tax for fizzy drinks

After the government brought in the soft drinks levy in 2018, the price of a Coca Cola drink increased from £2.95 to £3.15.

A good way to save 20p is by ordering one of the other drinks – for example Diet Coke or Coke Zero – instead.

5. Get £40 worth of food for £35

Costco is selling two £20 vouchers for £35 – which means chicken lovers can save £5 on their meals at the popular Portuguese-inspired chain.

You have to buy two £20 gift cards, which can be used together or separately – and you’ve only got until 12pm February 12 to order them.

Remember, use the gift cards before they expire otherwise you’ll lose your cash.

6. Discounts for students and workers

Police, Fire Services, Ambulance service and NHS staff all receive a 20 per cent discount off their food when they show their photo ID card before paying for their meals.

Students can also get the same deal if they show their student cards.

7. Free food on special days

Last year Nando’s gave out free food on A Level and GCSE results for students who presented their results and student ID at the tills.

It included one quarter of chicken or an item from the fire-starter menu worth up to £4.10.

Options to choose from included peri-peri nuts, spicy mixed olives, houmous with peri-peri drizzle, red pepper dip and halloumi sticks and dip.

In November, the chicken restaurant also gave its customers a free food item if they had the words “Nando’s* and “I’m craving” in their predictive texts.

While Nando’s has not said if these promotions will return, it is worth keeping an eye on its blog for any more special deals.

8. Buddying up means more savings

Going to Nando’s with a mate and both want half a chicken but want to save money?

There’s an easy way to get round that.

Rather than ordering half a chicken with two regular sides (£11.20) and a drink (£2.95) each, order 10 chicken wings with two regular sides (£14.45), two drinks (£5.90) and a large chips (£4.80).

A large chips is the same portion as two regular portions, so you will end up saving £3.15.

In January, fans were left furious after the chicken restaurant announced it was changing its mango and lime recipe.

Last year, Nando’s released a new sauce, called Peri-Peri Vusa, which is perfect for home cooked meals.

A Nando’s worker also revealed 18 behind the scenes secrets of working in the chain.

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