EastEnders spoilers: Shirley Carter’s dark past 'unveiled' as family member seeks revenge

A third said “This looks brilliant! But what I’m most intrigued about is why Frankie would be taking photos of Ollie, almost stalker-like. Everything else has been hinted at or told to us in spoilers except that. Is Frankie part of Shirley’s past that comes back to haunt her? 

“Ok I’m stretching a bit here but what if Frankie is something to do with Dean and she’s come to the square to watch them and see what’s happening and what better way to do that then get into a relationship with one of them hence Tina,” wrote a fourth.

A fifth commented: “Yeah that makes sense and I’ve always thought the return at Christmas would be Dean so perhaps Frankie is connected to him but she isn’t aware of what he’s done to Linda.”

But just what is it that Frankie is hiding – could she be the key to unveiling some huge secrets about Shirley’s sketchy past?

EastEnders returns on Monday at 8pm on BBC One. 


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