EastEnders' Honey 'to kill Adam' as their explosive secrets are exposed to Square

In tonight’s episode of EastEnders, the wife swap competition came to an end – and so did the relationship between Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) and Adam Bateman (Stephen Rahman-Hughes).

Honey realised Adam was continuing to mess her around after Iqra (Priya Davdra) asked her about his apparent secretary called Sally – someone that doesn’t actually exist.

Then, as Honey spoke to Queen Vic punters, she exposed Adam’s continuous cheating while he tried to silence her, telling her she was drunk.

However Honey was having none of it and eventually stormed home to pack Adam’s belongings up and kick him out of the house.

Honey finally snapped and had enough of Adam
Honey finally snapped and had enough of Adam

He soon arrived home though and raged at Honey, bringing up her eating disorder.

Honey managed to get outside with some of Adam’s clothes and threw them on the ground in front of Iqra and her girlfriend Ash (Guirlaine Kaur Garcha), who laughed at him.

But he soon turned aggressive and tried to embarrass Honey in front of them.

He raged: “You should be grateful that you even got to share me.

“I mean, come on, a single mum pushing the menopause, works in a corner shop, more baggage than a 747. You struck gold, Susan, you know it.

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“You knew about Habiba and the others all along. I guess you were too busy sticking your fingers down your throat.”

It was clear that we the final straw though, and Honey picked up the suitcase and smacked Adam with it, sending him flying.

The dentist was seen with blood all over his lips and nose – but viewers reckon he could end up dead pretty soon.

One simply urged: “Kill him.”

Adam raged at Honey but got what he deserved when she hit him
Adam raged at Honey but got what he deserved when she hit him

Another said: “Time to kill off Adam please.”

And a third wrote: “Oh Honey, loving your work! But you could have hit him again.”

Meanwhile, other viewers were hopeful for a reunion for Honey and Billy (Perry Fenwick), as one tweeted: “Let’s hope Billy finally gets his family back this Christmas.”

EastEnders continues Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One


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