This Morning presenters Eamonn and Ruth Langsford were joined by The Masked Singer winner, Queen Bee who was unveiled to be Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts earlier today. Following her interview, Eamonn crossed over to the Loose Women studio to find out what was coming up on their show and he couldn’t help himself but joke with presenter Andrea McLean.

Nicola as Queen Bee went up against Hedgehog and Octopus on Saturday evening in the finale of The Masked Singer. 

Those watching at home saw Hedgehog revealed as Jason Manford and Octopus turned out to be Katerine Jenkins, but it was Nicola who was voted the ultimate winner. 

Nicola explained the experience to Eamonn and Ruth this morning and described the difficulties of performing in the huge, elaborate outfit: “As hard as it was, it was such a positive experience. But it felt like a ball of fire.”

Linking the interview to the cross over, Eamonn remarked: “There’s a line up on Loose Women we see different faces every day. They’ve all got masked on so who’s behind that mask then?”

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“And I went up to a member of the production and said, ‘Can I please go to the car park so I can get a bit of air’ and I could see her about to say, ‘That’s not a good idea’ so I rephrased and said, ‘I am going to walk around the car park because I am going to crack.’”

The conversation moved onto the costume, Ruth said: “They brought it in and I was really excited to see it and I picked it up.

“It’s heavier than I thought it would be and that’s so tiny were you not claustrophobic in that?”

Nicola went on: “Yeah, so that bit of the mouth is the only bit you can breathe through.

“So you’re very much breathing in your own air. The first dress rehearsal, the first time I sang the song, I did have a wobbler.

“I got halfway through the song and I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t get the notes out. I just walked off. 

“But at the end of the day I was just so happy with the level of talent in the competition, I am such a massive Kelis fan and then CeeLo Green, everyone could really sing,” she added.

This Morning continues on ITV tomorrow at 10am.



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