Dwyane Wade Wins for Proudest Dad After Dropping Son Off for School

No matter how old kids get, the first day of school is never easy for parents.

Aug. 26 was a big day in Dwyane Wade‘s house as the NBA star dropped 18-year-old son Zaire off for another school year.

“Man oh Man,” Dwyane shared on Instagram with three crying emoji’s. “Dropping your oldest off to school is another set of emotions that I didn’t know existed. I’m a proud father! My goal as a parent is to raise kids who know their worth and that are better than I could ever be.”

“From watching Zaire build a company with his friends the last two years, to watching him handle the hate that has been thrown at his sister Zaya and showing grown ass men how to love unconditionally at 18 years old, to seeing how he’s been able to handle not seeing his parents interact or be in the same room together for most of his life and the list goes on and on,” the athlete continued. “He’s already way ahead of me at 18. He’s already built different. I’m excited for him to go on this journey of life as he becomes Zaire Wade! Good Luck at Brewster Academy YnG.”


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