Dr Michael Mosley explains how eating brunch can help you burn fat and lose weight

By cutting out one meal per day, Michael Mosley says it’s easy for people coming out of intense diet phases to slip back into more regular eating habits – just make sure you get enough protein

Dr Michael Mosley
Dr Michael shares his tips for keeping weight off long term

Dr Michael Mosley has revealed that eating brunch can help you burn fat and lose weight.

Writing in the Daily Mail, he said by following diets that have scientific backing, people should be able to keep weight gain at bay in the long term.

He added that rapid weight loss diets such as his Fast 800 can be a valuable tool across variable time frames from short to long term – and can even be better at keeping weight off long-term than many alternatives.

“That’s because losing weight quickly is extremely motivating and many studies have shown that the amount of weight that you lose in the first four weeks of a diet is a powerful predictor of how you will do, long-term,” he wrote

But, he warns, problems tend to arise when people start to migrate back to their old eating habits, which are often what caused their original weight gain.

How can brunch help you keep the weight off?

Dr Michael Mosley created the 5:2 diet and is now suggesting ways people can keep weight off long term

Dr Mosley explains that cutting out one of your daily meals can be a fantastic way to keep your total daily calorie count lower.

One of the best ways to do this is to skip breakfast and instead go for brunch a little closer to midday. This is usually followed up by an evening meal.

He warns that after a positive time on a diet, what can be hard is the transition back into a more regular habit as this is where so many people go wrong.

“By sticking to a healthy Mediterranean-style diet, skipping breakfast and enjoying a protein-filled brunch, combined with doing the odd fasting day to compensate if I have overindulged or I feel my trousers pinching, I manage to keep my weight, waist, blood sugars and blood pressure down, without calorie counting,” he explained.

Dr Michael Mosley recommends upping your protein intake to stay fuller for longer



For Dr Mosley, it’s really important that people using diets like his fast keto one ensure they are getting enough protein each day. He recommends eating one gram of protein for every kilogram of body mass you have.

He says that getting enough protein will help people transition out of their initial intense early diet phase into a more regular eating pattern.

“With renewed emphasis on ensuring you eat enough protein with every meal (topping up with protein snacks like nuts, Greek yoghurt or a piece of cheese), and by cutting back on carbohydrates, you should slip effortlessly into a state called ‘ketosis’. This is where your body naturally searches out your fat reserves to burn for fuel,” he added.

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