Dog's excitement over daily routine with neighbour melts viewers' hearts

An excitable fluffy pup stole the hearts of viewers on a viral video that showed his reaction when his neighbour comes over to walk him.

The wholesome video was first shared on Reddit by u/MitchMelly, showing a man going round to walk his elderly neighbour’s dog, a very excitable and cute Coton de Tulear.

As the neighbour arrives the dog hears noises, and instantly begins wagging his tail and looking through the window.

The pup enters the house through a doggy flap from the garden linked to his cage, walking straight through, approaching the neighbour with pure joy.

Wagging his tail, jumping up and running in small circles the dog knows exactly what time it is: walkies time.

The video continues to show the dog becoming more and more excited, trying to sit patiently but skidding on the tiled floor moving every inch of his fluffy body and wagging tail.

It’s a heartwarming moment between a neighbour and a dog that you can’t not fall in love with.

MitchMelly, who uploaded the video, wrote the caption: “Every morning I walk an elderly neighbour’s dog before school.

I love his reaction when I arrive.”

The video quickly became popular across Reddit, receiving more than 1,000 upvotes.

A number of people have praised the video on Reddit, sharing the cuteness of the dog and the wholesomeness of the neighbour who walks this adorable pooch every day.

The dog is over the moon to see his neighbour

One commented: “I’m only posting to say what a good person you are for doing this.

Also, that is a really cute dog.”

Another said: “Ohhhhhh my this is so very nice and wholesome! Yay, you.”

With another adding: “Good on you for making such a happy woof.”

And: “You’re a good person and that dog loves you.”

Just by watching the video, you can see how much the dog truly loves seeing this regular neighbour coming in to walk him.

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