Does Ghostbusters: Afterlife Have Post-Credits Scenes? A Spoiler-Free Answer

Who ya gonna call… when you need to know if Ghostbusters: Afterlife has a post-credits scene? If you’re in the theater right now, don’t call anyone! That’s rude! But if you’re sneaking in a quick search after the movie or planning for your trip to the theater, the answer is yes, you’re definitely going to want to stay in your seat.

Look, we’ve all been there. You’ve finished the movie, the credits are rolling, and now you’re wondering – is it worth sticking around for a post-credits scene and how long do I need to wait? Unless you’re watching a Marvel movie, you can never be sure, so we’ve put together a quick, spoiler-free cheatsheet to the Ghostbusters: Afterlife credits.

So Does Ghostbusters: Afterlife Have a Post-Credits Scene, or What?


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Yes. In fact, it has two credits scenes, so don’t get tricked into leaving after the first!

There’s a mid-credits scene that arrives pretty quickly, followed by a second post-credits scene at the very end of the “reel,” after all the credits have rolled. Plan your bathroom breaks accordingly (though, with a refreshingly trim 2h 4m runtime, Afterlife isn’t quite the bladder-burster most blockbusters have come to be.)


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Do You Need to Watch Them?


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Not really, but they are pretty fun. We’re keeping this guide spoiler-free since you probably aren’t going to click on this article if you’ve already seen it, so suffice it to say that like most post-credits scenes, you can expect to see some fun surprises for franchise fans and some hints that suggest where things might go from here.

Though, it should be noted that Ghostbusters: Afterlife has not officially received a sequel order from Sony, so anything that happens in the credits scenes is very much still a hint and suggestion.

However, in an interview with GameSpot, co-writer Gil Kenan said there’s already been plenty of creative conversation about where Ghostbusters can go next.

“We have lots of ideas about how this story can develop… There are lots of surprising ways that the future and the past can grow together, side-by-side and separately. And we’ve had long conversations about how that can happen.”

We’ve trimmed that quote down a bit to keep things as spoiler-free as possible, so if you want to read Kenan’s full answer, check out the GameSpot report.

Anything Else You Should Know About the Credits?


Heck yeah, there is! Ghostbusters: Afterlife star and staggeringly booked-and-busy teen actor McKenna Grace is adding a music career to her roster and her first single, “Haunted House,” plays during the film’s end credits.

Grace spoke about writing the song in a statement

“Over the pandemic I went through a rough time in my personal life, and I wanted to write a song about how even after someone’s not in your life anymore, their memory never really leaves you. You could take it as a breakup song, but it could also be about a friend or a family member or any kind of relationship that’s ended.”

For those keeping track, that’s two credits scenes and one very exciting music debut. So yeah, you’re gonna want to stay through the credits.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is playing in theaters nationwide on November 19.

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