Ditching meat for a vegan diet risks ‘dumbing down’ the next generation, experts warn

A VEGAN diet may “dumb down” future kids, experts warn.

They say it lacks choline — a key nutrient for mental development.

 Low levels of choline in pregnancy can harm the foetus, according to studies


Low levels of choline in pregnancy can harm the foetus, according to studiesCredit: Getty – Contributor

It is mainly found in beef, eggs, dairy, fish and chicken.

But studies suggest low levels in pregnancy can harm the foetus and raise the child’s risk of memory and brain power problems.

Nutritionists say nine in ten adults are lacking in choline and that will worsen as more ditch meat and eggs.

Dr Emma Derbyshire, of the Meat Advisory Panel, warned in a health journal: “It could leave many women of childbearing age deficient in this key nutrient.

“We are at risk of dumbing down the brain power of the next generation.”

Pregnant vegans can take supplements, she told BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health.

The number of British vegans has quadrupled between 2014 and 2018, with around 600,000 vegans in the UK last year.

Hamilton’s fast food

FORMULA 1 star Lewis Hamilton is shifting gear to meat-free fast food.

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The five-time world champion is backing a new burger chain serving vegan grub.

He said: “We need a healthier high street option that tastes amazing.”

The Neat Burger branch will open in London next week offering veggie burgers and hot dogs.

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