Diesel develops denim fabric capable of halting viral activity

As brands and retailers respond to the COVID-19 crisis, Diesel has
found a new way to contribute to ending the pandemic. The denim label
has developed an innovative fabric that can physically halt 99 percent
of viral activity.

Created in partnership with Swedish firm Polygiene, Diesel retains
exclusive use of the new ViralOff treatment on denim. The brand will
implement ViralOff across a selection of its Spring/Summer 2021
styles, with the aim to include it in an even wider range moving

Polygiene began working on garment protection with the SARS
epidemic in the early 2000s, with ViralOff serving as a result of its
efforts. The fabric technology has the capacity to disable at least 99
percent of viral activity within two hours of contact between
pathogens and the fabric. It works by interaction with key proteins
that prevent the virus from attaching to textile fibers. The treatment
has proven to be effective against a range of viruses including

Diesel will treat a selection of denim models with ViralOff during
the final production stages.


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