Deux Visions FW21 Collection

Two Visions – One Statement

Founders/ Designers
Two people with the courage to break new ground in fashion. Strong expression, uncompromising cuts and an unmistakable message. The passion for Paris unites the two founders: Matthias Schröder and Simona Crocamo. “Deux Visions” is a commitment to high-class design. Nearly in a classic way have Matthias and Simona divided between them “Deux Visions” men and women’s collection. Nonetheless maintaining a mutual exchange and a both-sided inspiration.

Founded in 2019, Matthias and Simona have succeeded in a very short time to implement their strong style ideas at the highest level into the fashion’s world. In the process, imagination and creativity were always present in the expressive women’s collection. Meanwhile, a powerful and a sometimes strict design-language is present in the male collection.

A bold step into the Capital of fashion: After launching their label in Munich, Matthias and Simona are now venturing onto the very big fashion stage. In the future, Paris will be the location of the company’s headquarters. The sensibility for fine fabrics and cuts united to the lifestyle of the Capital of fashion are an inspiration to produce new and even more fascinating and energetic collections that will cause a stir in the fashion world.

The Company
The brand Deux Visions is part of the group District No1 GmbH, founded in 2019. As an outcome of a successful year, the portfolio will be expanded thus including the German premium label Camouflage Couture. Ergo, Matthias Schröder, CEO of District No1 GmbH, is looking forward to the further collaboration with Franco Stork, who remains as the designer of Camouflage Couture.

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Deux Visions FW21 Collection


Deux Visions
Regardless if it is a cool men’s leather coat or a high-quality knit, the lively creations by Deux Visions combine apparent opposites to create expressive fashion statements. At the same time, it stands for fashionable self-confidence. They combine the passion for high-quality materials with skillful lines. The men’s collection is developed by Matthias – a highly talented and very passionate fashion designer – who combines straight cuts with expressive details like high-quality embroidery and prints. Concomitant, while designing the women’s collection, Simona combines a full hearted and soul work with many years of experience in the fashion industry. She plays with colors and shapes while creating new pieces: whether skin-tight and sexy or airy and wide with a touch of psychedelic, the “Vision” is for women to have a real eyecatcher look.

Both visions have the highest level of common workmanship while tailored in Italy. The label’s extreme high quality is not only visible through the valuable materials, but also through the perfectly sewn buttons and the double seams that reveal the application of the highest standards of production processes.

In the new 2021 collection, it is visible that a new leap in development was taken by both designers. There is a bold, special, powerful and even more variety in silk, cashmere, leather, lamb shearling and feathers that flatter both the skin and the eyes.

Camouflage Couture
Founded by Franco Stork, Camouflage Couture stands for comfortable, colorful, sexy, but also loving pieces combined to extraordinary designs and a mix of glamour and punk. As a designer, Stork express his Italian roots on his clothes that contain surprising elements.

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The materials and pieces of both brands are handmade in Italy while handfinished in Germany with Swarovski stones, studs and other details. In addition to the classics, as the popular smiley or rhinestone prints, Camouflage Couture’s signature, new sweat and knitwear collections made of pure cotton and cozy cashmere are also available.

Both Deux Visions and Camouflage Couture brands are distributed by the UNIFA Group. For the upcoming season, the designers’ focus is on both womenswear and men’s wear. A bold, special, powerful and an even larger variety in silk, cashmere, leather, lamb shearling and feathers can be expected.

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