Desperate mum asks Facebook to help her make her three-year-old’s fairy dreams come true and is blown away by the kindness of a stranger

A MUM has revealed how kind strangers made her daughter’s fairy dreams come true after transforming an unused alcove into a magical fairy house.

Sarah Stimson, from Walton on the Naze, Essex, and her three-year-old Rachel had walked past the tiny cupboard every day on their way to nursery – with the mum telling her daughter it was for the fairies.

She explained in a Twitter thread: “Every morning on our walk to nursery she asked me what this little three foot door is for and one day I told her fairies lived there.

“Every day since she’s asked if she can visit the fairies – I had to tell her they are terribly shy and don’t like visitors but that didn’t deter her. She insisted she will be quiet and kind.”

After asking for advice from her friends on whether or not to knock on the door of the house it was attached to, Sarah decided to write to a community forum about the hatchet.

It was there that a stranger called Susie admitted she knew the woman who owned the property, and that she was going to get in touch about opening up the cupboard for the youngster.

“In the mean time I decided we’d write a letter to the Queen of the Fairies to ask if we could visit, so if Julie, the house owner, said we couldn’t, I could let Rachel down gently,” Sarah continued.

“So we wrote the letter, using lots of fairy stickers – naturally – and posted it the next day. I tried to prepare Rachel for the possibility that we wouldn’t be able to visit the fairies.”

But just days later, the owner of the house, Julie, got in touch to allow Sarah access to the door – signalling that ‘Operation Fairy’ was on.

“She could not have been kinder about it,” Sarah revealed. “We arranged for me to go and set up a little fairy dell behind the door. On Sunday night, I went to set it all up.”

When she arrived there, she found the kind house owners had already cleaner it out and added tree stumps, bark and flowers to the den.

“I added some fairy dolls and some bunting, some fairy wings and a wand, and a letter to Rachel from the Queen of the Fairies,” the doting mum continued.

“This morning, we walked to nursery as normal and as we got to the door, Rachel noticed the lock. I told her the Fairy Queen had sent me the key and we could open it up.”

Rachel was ‘blown away’ to find the Fairyland inside – happily putting on the wings and playing with the fairy figurines in a series of adorable snaps.

The mum’s letter from the Queen of the Fairies even detailed the magical creatures had moved into her garden at home, with Sarah sticking a tiny fairy door to a tree.

Dozens of Twitter users were shocked at the kindness of the strangers who allowed for the magical moment to happen, taking to the comment section to praise them.

One woman wrote: “The kindness of strangers, pure beautiful soul of your little girl and your amazing mummy brain all went into that thread and it’s making my heart so full.”

While another agreed: “You have no idea how much I needed an uplifting story while crying in a coffee shop about work. Thank you for sharing this.”

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