‘Dental implants gave me bruising so bad I looked like a human inkblot test’

A mum claims dental implants implants left her face with the ‘worst bruising ever’ – leaving her looking like a human ‘Rorschach inkblot test (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

A mum claims dental implants left her face with the ‘worst bruising ever’ – leaving her looking like a human ‘Rorschach inkblot test’.

Jessica Macko had been experiencing ‘agonising’ pain as an eating disorder she’d had when she was younger had ‘eroded’ all her teeth.

The 44-year-old decided to have All-on-4 dental implants earlier this month [April 2] to fix her ongoing dental issues, a procedure where a set of four dental implants replace ‘loose, rotten, missing or failing teeth’.

While she had been warned by doctors about bruising, the stay-at-home mum admits she did not expect the pain to be so ‘brutal’ nor the bruising to be so severe.

The model posted a video of her face on day four after the treatment stating she looked like a ‘monster’ and asking for others to reach out to her if they had ever had a similar reaction to the procedure.

The ‘horrific’ deep purple bruising began at her neck and chin and spread across her face, getting worse hour by hour, even reaching up to underneath her eyes.

Now two weeks later, the bruising and swelling has gone down considerably and the mum-of-three would still recommend the procedure, believing her extreme bruising to be a ‘unique’ case.

Jessica, from San Antonio, Texas, US, said: ‘The doctors did say I’d have some bruising.

The 44-year-old decided to have All-on-4 dental implants earlier this month to fix her dental issues, which involved replacing ‘loose, rotten, missing or failing teeth’ (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

‘The day after I had the implants put in, my face swelled up humongously then the bruising started the day after that.

‘I got quite scared. It just kept getting worse and worse every hour.

‘It looked like I had a Rorschach blot test on my face, like the inkblots.

‘I tend to bruise badly but I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

‘I’m an artist so it was kind of cool to watch but it was horrific because I’d never seen bruising like that on anyone’s face.

‘It was on my chin and my neck, they were the most swollen and then it spread up and hit my nose and my under eye. It covered pretty much my whole face below my eyes.

‘It hurt so much. For them to take out like all your teeth, I guess it just causes a lot of trauma but I had no choice because I was just having constant dental pain.

Slowly but surely, the bruises began to heal (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

‘I had no idea the pain would be that bad before I had it. I did not understand the brutality of it.’

Jessica’s dental problems began when she was younger due to an eating disorder.

She added: ‘Thankfully I’m healthy now and I’m better but part of getting the new teeth was my healing process.

‘My teeth were all pretty much failing due to some health issues and I was in agonising pain.

‘I was having all-on-fours dental implants. They put two screws in the top and two screws in the bottom to anchor the teeth in.

‘The first week I could not sleep at all or eat, I would just cry at night.

‘I went immediately back to my doctor when the bruising turned up.

Now fully healed, Jessica says she’d reccommend the surgery to anyone (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

‘He explained that it was always a possibility and said he’d even seen one person with it worse.

‘I’m also anaemic so that could cause bruising to be worse and obviously because it is just such a big trauma to the area, it’s not unheard of.”

Despite the bruising, which she believes may have been worsened due to her anaemia, Jessica has no regrets about the surgery and would encourage others to get it.

Jessica said: ‘It’s gotten a lot better now. I went to MAC and got makeup to cover the bruising. I think by the end of the month it should be fully healed.

‘My advice to others thinking of getting dental implants would be that it is such a great option, it helps so many people and I’d definitely recommend it and that my case was just unique.

‘I’d 100% recommend the surgery.’

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