Demi Moore's Signature Straight Hair Is Nowhere to Be Found in Her Latest Look — See Photos

I’ve been known to unpromptedly announce to anyone who will listen that I’m strategising my entry into the Demi Moore phase of my life. I mean that on the most superficial level, of course. Specifically, I’d like to spend the rest of my forties — and the rest of my life — with what has been her signature look since the start of the new millennium, when she was entering her forties: very long, very dark, very straight hair.

I’ve got two out of the three going for me already, but I never feel like I’m fully nailing the steadfast super-sleek hair that has become so closely associated with her. But after getting a glimpse of how she looked at the Academy Museum Gala, I’m pleased to see that pin-straight hair may not be a strict prerequisite for being in one’s Demi Moore era.

Demi Moore poses in a sequined rosette gown

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Moore was one of many celebrities to attend the Los Angeles event on Sunday, December 3, and she posed on the red carpet looking next-level glamorous in a glistening Tamara Ralph gown featuring a huge, sequined rosette on the bodice. Her makeup was decidedly in-line with her usual low-key glam, but her hair took a turn for the wavy.

Normally — and I mean two decades’ worth of normally — we see Moore wearing her waist-length hair parted in the middle and straightened within an extremely glossy inch of its life. At the gala, however, she wore her super-long style dramatically flipped to one side and, most notably, not straight. Instead, she opted for a slightly messy, loosely wavy finish with an air-dried mermaid kind of feel.

Demi Moore poses in a sequined rosette gown

Getty Images

Although it may not be her go-to look, it’s obviously equally beautiful and a refreshing break from the norm. It’s also a nice reminder (especially to myself) that getting inspo from celebrity signature looks doesn’t have to mean interpreting those looks strictly in order to nail the vibe you’re going for.

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