Delivery driver ‘saves Christmas’ by hiding unboxed gifts from kids

Josh hiding the gifts (Picture: Mike Delaney)

Every parent’s Christmas nightmare is coming home from a day out to find the gifts you ordered online for the kids, sitting on the doorstep – unboxed and in full view.

So when one delivery driver realised the toys a family ordered online didn’t come in an additional packaging, he made sure the kids wouldn’t spot them.

UPS driver Josh Satkin was delivering the gifts on 18 December to the Delaney family, but when he lifted them out of the van, he saw that the description was all over the outside of the box.

So instead of leaving it in full view, he went to the garage and placed it against the door, moving the bins in front and then for good measure, he put a piece of cardboard over the top of the box to hide that bit too.

The whole thing was caught on the family’s camera system and mum Megan was delighted that Josh had been thoughtful enough to hide the gifts.

She told ABC 7 that Josh’s arrival triggered the camera system, which she can watch from her phone.

She was out for the day with their kids and when she saw the box, she was worried about how she would stop her four-year-old from seeing it.

But then she watched Josh make his news and she says he ‘saved Christmas’.

Dad Mike posted the video on social media and said: ‘When your @ups driver is the man and makes sure the kids don’t see any gifts! Thanks Dude!

‘For all of you wondering. He said he hid the package so our kids didn’t see it.’

Other parents were just as impressed.

One said: ‘What a guy!’

Another added: ‘He is the real deal, what a great guy for keeping the spirit alive.’

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