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  • Dave Bautista is a highly capable actor who has shown his range in various movies, making him a strong candidate for video game adaptations.
  • Bautista is unlikely to be able to take on both the roles in God of War and Gears of War due to his prior commitments and demanding workload.
  • While Bautista could potentially fit either role, Gears of War seems to be the better and more desired choice for him, given his experience and physical resemblance to the protagonist.



Dave Bautista is the perfect candidate for two major video game adaptations, but he is only likely to land one of the roles. The former wrestler has shown his acting skills in a wide variety of movies. While he broke onto the scene with a more comedy-orientated role in Guardians of the Galaxy, Dave Bautista also featured in Knock at the Cabin, Dune, and Blade Runner 2049. With the actor showing his range, it is clear he is capable of being the lead man in a major series, and he may have to miss out on a big role that he would be perfect for.

Two huge video games are set to have adaptations, but Bautista is unlikely to do both despite being well-suited. He is already attached to multiple projects and committing to another movie alongside a TV series seems far-fetched. Both games are likely to have follow-ups, be it several movies or seasons, which will be demanding and lead to a less flexible schedule for the actor. Although he has balanced multiple projects in the past, this sort of workload seems too demanding, even for Bautista. If he wants to maintain a film career as well as his current projects, he will probably only be able to take on one of these roles.

Dave Bautista’s first credited film appearance was in My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done.

Dave Bautista Has Been Linked To Both God Of War & Gears Of War

The two video game adaptations Dave Bautista has been frequently linked to are Gears of War and God of War. Despite the similar names, the franchises are completely different with no real connections. God of War focuses on ancient mythology with the protagonist, Kratos, fighting numerous other Gods. Gears of War is about a special forces group taking on a world-ending threat called the Locust Horde. While both games have a wide roster of characters, Bautista has been heavily linked to the protagonists of both series and seems a perfect fit for either role.

There has been confirmation that God of War‘s show will be on Amazon and that Gears of War will be on Netflix. With two rival streaming platforms both creating popular gaming adaptations, it feels as though Bautista will be in demand for both parts. Speculation over who would be cast for each project naturally began when each was announced, and Bautista’s name came up for both. It does appear he would be a popular choice for either role, and his acting abilities suggest he could do either. There is one adaptation that seems to be the better and more desired choice though.

God Of War Or Gears Of War: Which Game Adaptation Dave Bautista Is Better For

Gears of war movie, Dave Bautista, Marcus Fenix and Zack Snyder

Although Dave Bautista would suit both roles, Gears of War is the better fit for the actor. He has experience playing this type of role, with Army of the Dead showing what he’d be like with weapons mowing down enemies. While the Locust Horde is very different from a zombie horde, the concept of fighting a mass group of creatures isn’t something new to Bautista. Of course, playing Gears of War‘s protagonist, Marcus Michael Fenix, would still be very different, but something he would be more than capable of. Bautista could easily pull off a fearless warrior like Marcus, and it’s certainly the sort of action-focused role that would suit him.

Bautista even looks like Marcus. He has the right build and even shares similar facial features. It would make more sense for the Gears of War movie to cast Bautista, as he is used to doing movies over TV and might be slightly less demanding than a series. God of War could work with Bautista involved, but unlike Gears of War, he’s not the top candidate. Christopher Judge, who voiced Kratos, looks to be the most popular choice. Add in the fact he knows the character inside out and the casting becomes a no-brainer. Bautista would make for a good Kratos, but Marcus is still the better fit for him.

God Of War Or Gears Of War: Which Dave Bautista Casting Is More Likely?

Dave Bautista as Marcus Fenix in Gears of War fan art

It is also more likely that Dave Bautista is cast for Gears of War than for God of War. Outside the credentials and fan casting, it is clear Dave Bautista wants to be involved with the Gears of War movie. He has voiced his desire to play Marcus Fenix several times and even made a promotional video for the game series, wearing its iconic armor. Bautista was made playable in Gears 5 and evidently has close ties with the franchise. Rumors about Zack Snyder directing the film only strengthen the likelihood that Bautista will get involved. The two have worked together previously and the role is something the actor is desperate for.


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