Danica Patrick Reveals What She's Looking For in a Partner After Aaron Rodgers Breakup

Racecar driver Danica Patrick knows what she’s looking for in a relationship.

“When you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want,” Danica, who split from quarterback Aaron Rodgers in July, explained on the March 18 episode of the Tamron Hall Show. “They’re going to be an extremely high-quality person with boxes to check. It’s not as if there’s a lot of boxes to check, it’s just that I know what I want now. I’m not willing to compromise or bend as much.”

Danica, who is the author of the book Pretty Intense: The 90-Day Mind, Body and Food Plan that Will Absolutely Change Your Life, also shared that now that she has “healed and processed the imperfections” that exist within herself, she’s become a lot more relaxed about judging other people. 

“If someone is lazy, I judge that, because I don’t allow myself to be lazy,” she explained. “But if I can create a healthy dynamic within myself and doing it more, which is ‘resting,’ now if someone is ‘resting,’ it used to be called ‘lazy,’ but I’m not triggered anymore. The person that’s across from me is not seen in such a judgmental light anymore, because I’m not judging myself. As you heal, you’re able to coexist with people in a much easier way.” 


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