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Dan Walker: BBC host hits out at claims of ‘gender bias’ during Jo Swinson interview

It was the Lib Dem leader’s turn on Monday morning to have her say, as the parties scramble for last minute votes.

Dan began by grilling her about why she decided to “downgrade” and change her course of action from aiming to be Prime Minister to wanting to prevent the Conservatives and current Prime Minister Boris Johnson, from getting a majority vote on Thursday.

But the topic of conversation changed direction when the BBC host asked Jo about her popularity among voters.

A subject he then felt he needed to justify, after receiving backlash from viewers.

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She responded: “Not in my election team, but as I say, I do get these gems of advice that come to me.”

“I am who I am and some people will not like the way that dress or talk, or my accent or whatever and fine, in a sense that’s their problem,” she insisted, saying she wanted to be “true to herself” in the way she stands up for what she believes in.

The BBC host was curious as to whether she thought that a male politician would receive the same criticism and suggestions from the public to up his voting figures, to which the party leader was adamant “it would not happen”.

“Of course, I get asked different questions,” she said.

“During the leadership campaign earlier this year, I was asked if I was going to have any more children – we have another candidate in this campaign that won’t even confirm how may children he has!” She exclaimed, as she admitted there are “lots of questions that get asked of women that don’t get asked of men.”


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