Dakota Johnson's Madame Web Captures Top Spot on Letterboxd's Weekly Watchlist


  • Despite box office struggles,
    Madame Web
    resonates with niche audience on Letterboxd, topping popularity charts for the week.
  • Cast of stars, fresh origin story, and enigmatic character provide new perspective on
    Madame Web
    for Spider-Man fans.
  • Success on Letterboxd underscores changing landscape of film consumption, showcasing importance of online platforms for niche audiences.

Madame Web, the latest venture into the Spider-Man universe by Sony, has found an unexpected haven of popularity on the film logging site Letterboxd, even as it faces hurdles at the box office.

Released on Valentine’s Day, the film has faced challenges in garnering widespread audience interest, indicated by its disappointing earnings and low review scores. Yet, it seems to have struck a chord with Letterboxd users, where it clinched the top spot in the site’s weekly ranking of popular films. Madame Web unfolds the story of Cassandra “Cassie” Webb, played by Dakota Johnson, who is thrust into a battle to protect three young women with extraordinary futures from a deadly adversary.

The cast is a constellation of stars, with Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O’Connor portraying different versions of Spider-Woman. The ensemble is rounded out by Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps, Emma Roberts, Adam Scott, and Zosia Mamet in supporting roles. The film is described by producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura as an origin story for Madame Web, a character with a relatively modest presence in the comic books.


Was Madame Web’s Cast Tricked Into Doing the Film?

Were the stars of Madame Web tricked into making the film thinking it would connect to the MCU?

He expressed that fans of Spider-Man would appreciate the fresh narrative that traces Cassie Webb’s transformation into the iconic figure known from the comics. This approach aims to offer a new perspective to fans, delving into the backstory of a character who has been somewhat enigmatic in the Spider-Man lore. Bonaventura said to Comicbook:

“It’s really the story of Madame Web. So, in that respect,
if you’re a Spider-Man fan, you’re gonna love the character because you know it from the comic books
, which she doesn’t really have that big a character in the comic books, we’re doing the origin story of Madame Web. And so you meet her before she’s actually the person that you know in the comic book and you come to understand how she becomes that person. So, I think that’ll be a really fresh new terrain for the fans.”

Despite the lukewarm reception at the box office, Madame Web has resonated with the Letterboxd community, securing the top position in the platform’s list of most popular films for the week. This achievement underscores the film’s appeal to a niche audience of movie enthusiasts, who have embraced it on the platform.

The film’s success on Letterboxd raises interesting questions about the evolving dynamics of movie consumption and the influence of online platforms in shaping audience preferences. In an era where digital platforms play a significant role in the discovery and appreciation of films, Madame Web serves as a case study in how a movie can find its audience outside traditional theatrical success metrics.

The story of Madame Web highlights the importance of platforms like Letterboxd in providing alternative spaces for films to connect with audiences. Despite its lackluster box office performance, the film’s popularity on Letterboxd indicates a niche audience’s interest in exploring lesser-known aspects of the Spider-Man universe.


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