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Daimler launches contest to develop video games for autonomous vehicles – Driving

Anticipating a not-so-distant future when cars are treated more like luxury lounges in which passengers relax and occupy themselves with—well, matters other than what’s coming down the road, Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler is setting a goal to “revolutionize car entertainment.”

Actually, it wants you to do it.

The Mercedes-Benz In-Car-Gaming Challenge invites gaming enthusiasts, developers, students or even small teams of up to five individuals to submit ideas for the in-vehicle video games that will be played in future autonomous cars.

Daimler is casting a wide net, encouraging submissions across a range of genres including racing, education for children and adults, and even virtual reality.

It’s even opening up various components in the interior as potential input devices, hinting that some games might incorporate use of the steering wheel, pedals or HVAC system.

It’s also not limiting ideas to the insides of the cars, or the cars themselves, mentioning it’s open to concepts with car-to-car features, games for busses and mobile apps, or even games that integrate elements from the real world outside, gathered from predetermined routes.

The contest, which will be judged by a panel including representatives from the Electronic Sports League (ESL), will grant three prizes of US$10,000 to the runners up, and a ticket to an e-sports tournament and chance to work with the company on the proof of concept to the winner.

To submit an idea to the contest, visit


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