Daily horoscope for July 18: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Saturday’s , kicks-off with the void Moon in Gemini, where it will spend much of the day. But Earth’s celestial orb will eventually enter Cancer by the close of Saturday.

Astrologers agree there is little for you to do at the start of the weekend.

You should, therefore, spend Saturday morning as you please.

Whether you extract maximum pleasure from it is a moot point, however, because the Moon’s last contact was with hazy Neptune and you might feel a little lost.

At the same Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are running some lunar interference.

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This is because the Moon is readying to renew itself in Cancer this coming Monday.

Monday’s Cancer New Moon is a Blue Moon – the second one the same sign within thirty days

This event is all the more auspicious as it is the first Cancer New Moon that is not an eclipse this year.

This is the new normal – but not till Monday –an appropriate time to say goodbye to the summer’s eclipse season.

Maybe reflect what changes and powerful messages it has brought.

Something’s trying to get your attention, right there, at the corner of your eye.

Given this week’s revelations, decisions and adjustments will soon be called for.

The time to commit to a course of action is soon at hand.

The Moon crosses the Lunar Nodes, a.k.a. eclipse points this lunchtime and that is sure to give you a clue, a sign-post for the right direction.

The silver orb enters moody Cancer for the rest of this Saturday and you’ll be far happier staying in than going out tonight.

Time to fill your belly. Time to get all snuggly and ready for a fresh start.


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