‘Cringe alert’ say gobsmacked people after a school teacher reveals ‘the trashiest’ names ever given to two siblings

MOST of us have probably come across some unusual name choices at some point in our life – but according to one teacher, these two picks are ”the trashiest” she’s ever heard.

Taking to TikTok, one woman, whose pal was working in a school, revealed that her friend knew of two siblings whose parents had given them rather uncommon monikers.

Megan took to TikTok to share the unusual monikers her friend had come across in the local school


Megan took to TikTok to share the unusual monikers her friend had come across in the local schoolCredit: tiktok/@meganelizabeth123987
According to Megan, the names were so 'trashy' in her eyes, it was like 'cringe alert'


According to Megan, the names were so ‘trashy’ in her eyes, it was like ‘cringe alert’Credit: tiktok/@meganelizabeth123987

In her video, the woman, Megan Elizabeth, explained: ”My best friend is a kindergarten teacher and her first job out of college was teaching in a not so great area in Houston [Texas, the USA].”

According to Megan, there was a brother and a sister duo enrolled in the school.

But although the two siblings were not in her pal’s class, the teacher was aware of their names – which she then shared with Megan.

So, what were two two monikers, which she described as ”the trashiest” ever and even said it was ”cringe alert”?

Well, as Megan soon went on to reveal, the parents must’ve seen their little tots as royalty.

”The daughter was My-queen and her brother was My-king.

”I don’t really think it needs an explanation as to why it’s trashy.

”My-queen and My-king – imagine what they’re gonna be like one day when they’re married?”

She added in the caption: ”I have more but this will forever be engrained in my mind.

Stunned, hundreds flocked to comments to share their thoughts, as well as the unusual and bizarre monikers they’ve come across.

I’m a teacher and a parent told me off for mispronouncing their kid’s unique name – the punctuation wasn’t silent

One person claimed: ”My mum was a NICU nurse in Kentucky for years and she took care of twins, named Virginia and Vagina.”

Someone else chimed in: ”In my hometown there’s a little girl named TEQUILA.”

”I knew kids named Yahighness and Yamajesty!” a third penned.

”I knew a LaPrincess and a kid named Entrepreneur,” a horrified social media user revealed.

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