Couple surprise family with the twin they kept completely secret until he was born

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When Tom and Brianne Shircliff found out they were having twins, they decided to keep it as a surprise for the rest of their family.

With the later stages of her pregnancy falling during the coronavirus lockdown, visits from friends and family were limited and none of them could attend any appointments with the couple.

Even when the babies were born, they were kept in neonatal intensive care for several weeks but only their parents could see them in hospital because of the restrictions.

Tom and Brianna, who also have older children, managed to keep the news about having twins secret until family visited to meet the new baby for the first time.

While the new grandparents were getting to know their new granddaughter, Tom brought out their new grandson and revealed that they’d had two babies.

Tom with Brinkley (Picture: Tom Shircliff/Facebook)

Shocked new grandma Martha Hall said: ‘That’s a real baby! Are you kidding?’

The moment was particularly poignant for the couple as they lost a baby boy last year, five months into the pregnancy.

In a Facebook post, Tom, from Kentucky, U.S., explained: ‘While that was the worst day of our lives, we never gave up “hope” of continuously trying to expand our family. I have no doubt that our baby boy in Heaven has been watching over us each day and played a part in blessing us this year with twins!’

Tom has wanted twins for years and even told people all about his wish at his last birthday.

He continued: ‘For many years, I have continuously told family & friends that I wished for twins one day in the future. Last year on my birthday, I openly proclaimed my wish for twins prior to blowing out the candles.

‘I figured my silent birthday wishes for twins from past birthdays weren’t coming true, so I needed to shake things up by broadcasting the birthday wish.

The twins Brinkley and Ace (Picture: Tom Shircliff/Facebook)

‘I was told that my wish for twins wasn’t going to come true because I didn’t keep it silent. Needless to say, I’ll never keep another birthday wish silent ever again – ha. I can’t believe this dream has finally become a reality.’

The couple even held a gender revel party but just told everyone about their baby girl.

The twins, named Brinkley Hope and Ace Leo, were premature and faced complications at birth, meaning they had to stay in hospital for a few weeks after they were born on 13 June.

Tom said: ‘Our little girl had a tight knot in her umbilical cord that stunned the doctors, so it might have been a blessing in disguise that the birth was premature.

Brianne and Brinkley (Picture: Tom Shircliff/Facebook)

‘Our little boy was breech, and there were multiple obstacles throughout his entire delivery.

‘There were 13 nurses/doctors in the delivery room in preparation for an emergency delivery. All of the nurses/doctors were amazing.’

Finally, earlier this month, the couple were able to bring them both home and introduce them to the rest of the family, starting with Tom’s parents.

Tom introducing Ace (Picture: Tom Shircliff/Facebook)

While they cooed over Brinkley, Tom brought in Ace, and the moment was filmed in a now viral video, as they were completely shocked and overwhelmed by the news.

Tom said: ‘Reactions were priceless to say the least.’

Tom joked that maybe he should wish for triplets on his next birthday but then went on to pay tribute to his wife and said their family was now complete.

He said: ‘Brianne has been so strong and amazing throughout this entire pregnancy (like all the others as well).

‘While yet another baby Shircliff running around the house would be incredible (easy for me to say since I have the easy part), I know that our twins were the last hurrah.

‘Brianne Shircliff, you have made enormous sacrifices to bless us with such an amazing family and I couldn’t ask for anything else .

‘So proud & happy to be the parents of Brinkley “Hope” (in honor of our baby in Heaven) Shircliff and Ace Leo Shircliff.’

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