County cricket: Kent v Surrey, Somerset v Notts, and more on day one – live

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Horray, another email! Good morning Nat Godden “Love the idea of the slip cauldron! (11.34 i think, Derbyshire, earthquake).

”For boiling underwear? Feeding chilly-handedd fielders?”
Keep up the good work. Especially where Essex are concerned please.

Just checked the score at Chelmsford, and surprised to read that Lancs are yet to lose a wicket against those Dukes balls magicians Porter and Cook. Lancs 11-0.

Andrew Benton, hello!

“With Glos down at Hove, my mind immediately conjured up, generative AI style, snippets of seagulls making off with hats, balls, bails and all sorts.

“I’ve found a seagull getting a wicket, in a manner of speaking, here – are there any other famous seagull incidents?”

Over to you, hive mind.

Re New Road/flooding/move etc, I know that Ali had heard some chat about a possible hotel/golf set up, looking to make it a base for touring sides, IPL sides out of season etc. One problem is that although Gloucestershire are sitting on some very valuable land, New Road’s swamp is not quite so appealing to prospective developers.

But, they’re making inroads against Durham in the battle of the promoted teams: Lees and Borthwick both now gone, one each for Smith and Leach and a cold hand stinging catch for Jason Holder. Durham 22-2.


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Hmmm, it seems my weather forecasting was a little optimistic this morning, currently there are only four games in play. In better news, my husband reports the first swallow of the year!

spotted somewhere near Southport Photograph: Alan Edwards/Alamy

In Division One:

Mohammad Abbas is wicketless at The Rose Bowl, as is Kyle Abbott. Rob Yates, fresh from his bowling triumph last week, 21 not out.

No play yet at Chelmsford or Canterbury. Notts have recovered from the early loss of HH, 26-1 v Somerset, who are playing Bashir. And Durham lost Borthwick in the first over, 19-1 v Worcestershire.

Round the grounds, no great tumble of wickets. I’m almost disappointed. Division Two:

Leicestershire 30-0 v Derbyshire

Yorkshire, a heady 41-1 at Lord’s, where it is now raining. Lyth the man out, to TRJ.

No play yet at Wantage Road, and Gloucestershire (49-0) racing away against top-of-the-table Sussex.

The weather is easing at Chelmsford where play will begin at 12.15, with the toss shortly.

Meanwhile, a 16 year old was getting stuck in for Lancashire seconds.

My son, doing Georgraphy revision, tells me there was a 2.5 magnitude earthquake in Derbyshire last night. Perhaps that rattled the slip cauldron, as reported BTL. Leicestershire 22-0


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Durham have won the toss and will bat. Looks brisk.

Yorkshire are off like the clappers (27-0 off four) against Middlesex; Notts less so – having won the toss and chosen to bat against Somerset, poor old HH was out third ball for 0.

For anyone who missed it, and it was heartening to hear the news covered widely on sports broadcasts, the eight tier one women’s counties are: Durham, Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, Surrey, Essex, Hampshire and Somerset.

And an interesting point I picked up from Raf on twitter today:

Yes, Sussex do have a strong history in women’s cricket, but it was very little to do with the County Cricket Club.

The volunteer-run Sussex Women’s Cricket Association did most of the work, so it’s a bit disingenuous to now say “oh but we developed Holly Colvin & Sarah Taylor”.

— Raf Nicholson (@RafNicholson) April 19, 2024


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A delayed start at Wantage Road too, and at Chelmsford and at Canterbury.

Rain at Kidderminster. Delayed start

Meanwhile, lots of cricket news this week, including the birth of Wisden number 161. It feels almost nepotistic to plug it but Tim wrote a lovely piece about the Almanack and it’s editor Lawrence Booth.

Just back from a lovely walk in the woods where the sun had decided to come out and everything was that perfect lime green that should be bottled up for November days.

Henbury woods, Devon. Photograph: Fenella Tobey1/Shutterstock

Meanwhile Gary Naylor is at Lord’s: “Greetings from an overcast Lord’s on a ‘bowl first and hope you’re not bowling again before the close’ day.”

“Phalanxes of primary schoolkids were flooding the North Gate as I arrived and they’re now sat shivering in the Grandstand. If a day of Champo cricket in April doesn’t put them off the game for life, nothing will. That said, well played MCC for sorting them out.”

Balls, balls, balls

After two rounds of the Kookaburra, we swap the soggy pile of rags for a shiny Duke. There were some interesting numbers from those first two rounds. In 2023, 427 wickets were taken with seam bowling in the first two rounds at 29; in 2024 it was 233 at 43. By contrast, 4605 balls of spin were bowled in 2023, taking 63 wickets; in 2024 that had increased to 6214 balls and 135 wickets. And there have already been as many double hundreds as there were in the whole of 2023. Thanks to Kevein Howell’s county podcast for these numbers.

Rob Key is a fan of the Kookaburra

Unsurprisingly, Dukes aren’t so keen on the idea.


They’re mostly down south this week:


Chelmsford: Essex v Lancashire

Southampton: Hampshire v Warwickshire

Canterbury: Kent v Surrey

Taunton: Somerset v Nottinghamshire

Kidderminster: Worcestershire v Durham


Derby: Derbyshire v Leicestershire

Lord’s: Middlesex v Yorkshire

Northampton: Northamptonshire v Glamorgan

Hove: Sussex v Gloucesterhire


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Good morning and welcome to round three! It’s currently raining in Manchester, and cold, but looks perky elsewhere.

The state of play? Essex top Division One, Notts bring up the rear; while in Division Two, Sussex sit pretty, Derbyshire scrape the barrel. Plenty of time for that to change though, plus the weather to throw a cloudburst into the mix. Also, we await news on Essex’s possible points deduction for the big bat fiasco.

Play starts at 11am BST, the coffee is on, all welcome.


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