Coronavirus Is a Godsend for All Struggling Ruling Parties

The outbreak of Covid-19 devastated the economies of various countries. We can definitely say that since World War II nothing like this happened to the world. Over 10,000 people died already, and there are more than 240,000 infected. Several prominent events that people anticipated were also cancelled, not to mention the postponement of Euro 2020.

The economic impact of coronavirus is massive too. European markets slumped in the recent period; Bitcoin price fell significantly; people were left jobless. It would be tough to recover, but it is also important to point out that coronavirus was somewhat like ‘godsend’ to struggling parties all over the world, and this article will discuss the cases.

UK Government Response to Coronavirus

Things were not going well in the United Kingdom. Protracted Brexit caused controversy among British citizens. Boris Johnson finally managed to get the deal done; however, his popularity has not been very high in the recent period. As coronavirus emerged, his party managed to respond effectively. The country postponed various sporting events, including the Premier League, adopted strict measures. It really helped Boris Johnsons to at least raise his popularity, by showing people how the government is fighting against the virus.

Australia Restricts Travel and Closes Borders

Australia has also been affected by Covid-19. There are more than 800 infected in the country, and Prime Minister Scott Morrison delayed the country’s budget till October. The response could be considered very swift. However, if we drew parallel how Scott Morrison neglected Australian wildfires and even went on holiday during this tense situation, it was unexpected. Morrison was severely criticized for such action.

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The gambling industry was one of the main causes as well in the recent period which significantly damaged people’s trust in government. As you know gambling is very popular in Australia, especially live games. People play live casinos for real money to earn some money. But the reputation of gambling industries was damaged, when it was rumored that Tabcorp allegedly paid a lot of money to the government in order to avoid regulations. This sparked a huge discontent in citizens. They looked to the politicians and the government suspiciously, thinking it was like taking a bribe.

Georgian Government Manages to Stay Alive

The last two years have been very difficult for the Georgian government. The country was flooded with protests. The most recent one was about elections when the parliament voted against a bill to change the electoral system, which sparked a new wave of protests. The situation with national currency and rising prices were also the subject of citizens’ discontent.

However, the emergence of coronavirus helped the government very much. But it should be said the country decently responded to the virus, while also receiving praise from European countries. The number of infected is only 43, but it is expected to rise. Citizens are also very pleased with the way the government tackles Covid-19.

Donald Trump Being Donald Trump Once Again

This case is more about destroying the reputation than raising it. It was Donald Trump originally who played down the threats of coronavirus. For months the President of the United States played down the danger of coronavirus, claiming it would disappear shortly without any further need. Now he is warning Americans that it is a massive threat to the world. Makes sense, right? But if we consider the personality of Donald Trump, nothing looks unexpected. His government took restrictive measures, even canceled the NBA temporarily. However, it would be better if Donald Trump paid more attention in the beginning.

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The end of Covid-19 seems very distant. At least for now. It has disrupted the usual way of life across the world. We already see the tangible results of it. It might seem out of the context that coronavirus in some form was beneficial for countries, but some ruling parties around the world have actually managed to get some gains.

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