Coronavirus causes chaos at Simon Rimmer's restaurants

Simon Rimmer has revealed his restaurants are in chaos after the government told the public to stay indoors amid the coronavirus panic.

The TV chef, 56, took to Twitter to say takings in his 13 restaurants were down 66 per cent last night.

He slammed the move by Boris Johnson to advise people to avoid going to restaurants, pubs and clubs, but not to order the businesses to shut.

The decision has been widely criticised as it means business owners cannot claim insurance.

Simon tweeted: “After a day when our government tells us to avoid going to bars n restaurants – takings in my 13 sites were down by 66% last night.

Simon Rimmer has admitted his restaurants are losing money rapidly

Simon says he will go out of business

“We have no insurance claims to protect us as it’s not an enforced closure. It won’t take long for us to go out of business permanently.”

Simon also said that running a delivery service isn’t as simple as it seems.

He continued: “I know lots of you are suggesting we become a delivery based business. It’s not that simple.

Boris Johnson has advised people to avoid going to restaurants, pubs and clubs

“You can’t deliver pints etc. And restaurants aren’t just about food it’s about a whole experience. Plus we have mainly city centre sites.”

Prime Minster Boris Johnson has urged Brits to avoid pubs, clubs and restaurants and work from home wherever possible to slow the spread of coronavirus.

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The advice came after the UK health chief realised the “worst case scenario” was the most likely if the delay approach was continued.

Simon on Sunday Brunch

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