Coronation Street spoilers: Liz McDonald murdered by Jan as she uncovers criminal past?

Coronation Street fans have seen Eileen Grimshaw (played by Sue Cleaver) fall for the charms of builder Jan Lozinski (Piotr Baumann)

in recent weeks. 

The paired shared a kiss earlier this month and as they begin to embark on a romance, Liz McDonald (Beverly Callard) will warn her about her beau. 

Fans know Jan is part of a human trafficking ring, which is connected to Seb Franklin’s (Harry Visinoni) love interest Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu). 

While the Weatherfield residents are oblivious to Jan’s criminal past, it seems his secret could be about to start spilling out. 

Next week on the long-running ITV soap, Eileen will become curious when lawyer Paula Martin (Stirling Gallagher) walks past Jan and appears to recognise him. 

Eileen will ask Paula about it but the lawyer will brush it off, claiming Eileen is just imagining things. 

But with Eileen’s many failed relationships, she is careful about who she trusts and turns to best friend Liz for some advice. 

The Rovers Return bar maid will do some digging into Jan’s past online and is shocked by what she finds. 

Liz will wait until Jan has left Eileen’s before revealing details of his criminal past before the builder returns. 

Armed with information, Eileen is set to confront Jan over his secrecy before he warns young Seb to stay away from Alina. 

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Knowing Eileen, Seb and Liz are getting closer to finding out about his involvement in human trafficking, he could resort to extreme measures to protect himself. 

If Jan finds out Liz was the one who tipped off Eileen thus leading to Seb worrying about Alina, could he target the Coronation Street legend and kill her before she uncovers more secrets?

It certainly looks as though Jan isn’t someone to be messed with so it would be surprising if he did go after Liz. 

Or, in another twist, Liz and Eileen could be forced to flee the cobbles for their own safety if Jan becomes threatening. 

Elsewhere in Weatherfield, it looks as though Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) could be set to leave as it’s been hinted Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) will die at Christmas. 

A soap source told The Sun: “For her two rocky relationships to the mini-bus crash, she’s been in some of Corrie’s most captivating storylines. 

“And producers will be sad to see Katie leave the soap, but she will make an unforgettable departure which is set to leave viewers in tears.”

If Sinead does die at Christmas she will leave behind Daniel and baby son Bertie.

With the factory worker no longer around, it’s likely Daniel will struggle to continue and could leave Weatherfield with the tot. 

Coronation Street airs tonight on ITV at 7.30pm. 


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