Coronation Street spoilers: Audrey Roberts to exit in heartbreaking twist?

“I don’t want to leave, do you know something?!” Sue looked mortified as she believed Lorraine was about to drop a huge bombshell on her in front of the cameras.

“No I don’t! I absolutely don’t! Lorraine apologised for startling the 76-year-old actress.

“We cannot do without you in Coronation Street, it would be the same.”

Sue blushed at the compliments, before gushing over the show that’s been her home since 1979.

“I do love it, as I’ve bored you with before,” she explained.

“But I am very happy in the job with the people I work with, with the cast, the company and the crews – you’re just a part of this wonderful show that’s been going for nearly 60 years.”


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