Connell’s chain: Normal People’s protagonist has kicked off a major men’s jewellery trend

You sobbed through all 12 episodes of Normal People over two days, re watched that sex scene after your boyfriend nodded off, and DMed Paul Mescal on Instagram in a moment of rosé-fuelled optimism.

The next step to full Sally Rooney obsession? A forensic look-back at what made the series so seductive — like Connell’s silver chain, which happily now has its own Instagram account to document its starring role.

Don’t pretend you didn’t notice it: that whisper-thin necklace glinting against Connell’s chest in the bedroom as he looks tenderly at Marianne (in episode eight’s pool scene, it even gets its own close-pan shot). You might have insisted chains weren’t your thing during your last group Hinge session, but all of that has changed since Normal People.

Now, Connell’s necklace keeps creeping into your wildest lockdown dreams. Go on, admit it — 27,900 people already have.

The account’s creator is currently unknown (could it be Mescal himself?), but since it launched at the end of last week, all your friends are following — even your sister who insisted Connell wasn’t her type. As it turns out, Connell is everyone’s type: the account’s first post, a snap of Mescal and his chain in the pool captioned “the light in these dark times”, has amassed more than 1,500 likes and 300 comments.

Over the three days since, @connellschain has taken us on a rollercoaster: chain in bed (you know the scene); chain sweaty on the football pitch; chain on the beach, its windswept wearer looking at Marianne the way we are looking at his chain. “Making us search for the chain there!” wrote one follower, turned on by its teasing. “It’s worth the effort,” replied the account’s mystery creator. Just like Connell, the chain can be shy, bashful even — which somehow makes it even hotter.

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The good news is there’s still plenty of chain content to carry us through lockdown. If @connellschain’s posts aren’t regular enough to feed your obsession, its Stories should: fan videos that’ll validate your obsession; a thank you piece from British Vogue; recognition from Paul Mescal himself (“I just think it’s hilarious”). And when you’ve finished scrolling through those, there’s always Mescal’s personal profile (@paul.mescal). Happily, the Irish actor wears a chain (a “Celtic Trinity knot thing”) in real life too.

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